All in Body


I make my sartorial choices based upon the weather, my schedule, my required state of ‘put together-ness’, [which, in Manchester climes dictates a uniform of black skinny jeans and a reliance upon outerwear], but the only decision criterion of my fragrance choice is my mood. On a cold overcast day, I can’t wear espadrilles and a sundress, but I can reach for Acqua di Parma’s Blu Mediterraneo Ginepro di Sardegna, a hot blend of juniper and pepper which gives me hope for summer on even the darkest mornings. Like colour, perfume appeals directly to our senses, and has the power of reinvention - in one sniff you can change your attitude faster than you can change your coat.


New season, new scent is a mantra I abide to with the same level of diligence most reserve for daily showers and teeth brushing. Each change in season is accompanied by a new scent, the latest in an  ever-growing fragrance trail. Rich, deep fragrances define the cooler months whilst warm, vibrant scents capture the heady, balmy days of summer. Spring is perhaps the easiest season to capture - floral, fresh, and flush with life - the perfect accompaniment to warming weather and blooming foliage. These are my current contenders...


The first month in my new flat has meant many things - including multiple trips to Ikea, late nights spent flat-packing, a lengthy wait for Internet installation, and numerous flat parties - but notably also, the time and space with which to rediscover [and refine] my beauty stash. Throw in a few new launches [of which there are always many at this time of year] and it's been a busy month of swatching and sniffing, culminating in a lengthy list of favourites, narrowed down to the below five for your reading pleasure. Enjoy.


Despite numerous and frequent facelifts, one thing has remained a constant in the lifespan of this blog [which turned three last month!]; the monthly favourites post may have fallen from favour with some, but remains by far one of my favourite posts to compile. And, As a blog reader myself, such features not only indicate a genuine passion for beauty but also demonstrates personality and individuality in a sea of clickbait post titles. Essentially, favourites posts take us back to blogging basics - honest, transparent reviews of the products we love most