Ahh Sunday. At last you've arrived. I've been attempting to hold back my Sunday-fuelled excitement all week! My last few weekends have been busy busy busy, so today I'm planning on celebrating and indulging the S-word in all of the ways I know best...

Think of the following as customisable inspiration for your next SUPER SUNDAY.

WELLBEING : After a suitably lazy lie-in [my first in a fortnight] I'll be swapping my bathrobe and slippers for trainers and a sports bra and heading out into the fields. I took the plunge and signed up to run the Nike Women's 10k in London this summer with some of my best gals, so the training regime starts now! The perks of being home mean I have fresh air, open skies, and greenery right on the doorstep. Post-run I'll be winding down with some yoga and green tea. Could you guess, I'm on a health kick?

FOOD : Mum's the word today, so tonight [whilst I let my very dear Mama have free run of my bathroom beauty stash] I'll be whipping up a feast fit for a Queen [with a little help from Hemsley & Hemsley]. Their recipe for Roast Chicken with Onions, Lemon, and Fennel is one of my all-time favourites. It's super fast, easy, and insanely tasty.

BEAUTY : Naturally I'll be commandeering the bathroom at some point today, and making the most of a supersize tub and underfloor heating to give myself some real beauty indulgence. On the list : Lush So White Bath Bomb [yup still got some], Acqua di Parma Italian Resort Body Scrub*, Chanel No5 The Body Lotion, RMK Cleansing BalmSisley Radiant Glow Express Mask*, Radical Instant Revitalising Mask*, SUQQU Musculate Massage Cream*, Codage Spring Break Serum*, Dior Hydra Life Eye Cream, Oribe Signature Moisture Mask*.

TIME-OUT : There's some major magazine/blog catching-up to be done today. I've done little more than flick through the latest issues of ELLE, Vogue, and The Gentlewoman so I'll be thoroughly digesting them this afternoon, before moving on to my latest read, Molly Ringwald's When It Happens To You.

Bon weekend to you and you and you!


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+ If you haven't already bookmarked The Londoner's One-Pan Tricolore Italian Meatballs, then you really REALLY should. + + Any other Grace's out there? You'll love this 30-minute Radio 4 program which is all about our name! + + + Byrdie rounded up the 7 best Chanel beauty looks of all time. Peruse them here. + + + + 5 workouts from of-the-moment boutique gym, The Skinny Bitch Collective [as favoured by likes of Suki Waterhouse, Daisy Lowe, and Ellie Goulding]. + + + + + By far my favourite #DearMe video of the week, from ELLE's Editor, Lorraine Candy.


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The emotive title of today's edition of WEEKEND RITUAL may have coincided with Valentine's Day weekend, but fear not, things are not getting soppy on TGG; for I'm talking today of love and lust of the material kind.

I'm a woman of many lists, and have somehow managed to accumulate multiple wishlists on multiple list-making apps over the years. Friday saw me commit to a big big sort out and I correlate my wishlist onto a single platform. Here are a few of its highlights [as well as a few pieces which I've recently checked off].


Dior Glow Maximiser : I can no longer count on one hand the amount of times I've swatched this miracle-glow solution at various Dior counters across the city, so I think it's about time it made it into my makeup bag for good. Don't you?

Brandy Melville Christina Hoodie : I'm sorely tempted to pick up one of these when I visit London next week [see below!]. Word on the street is it is comfy personified, and my oh my am I all about the loungewear.

& Other Stories Studion Scented Candle : Between that packaging and the formula itself [bergamot, fig, and almond] I'm sold.

Fragrance Bell Jar : M&S' Home department boast some real gems, and I've been on the hunt for a bell jar of this size for quite some time. This + the above = a dressing table pièce de résistance!


NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Mysteriously Red : I'm so smitten with the formula of this pencil [it's my first velvet matte would you believe it?] that I'm currently restraining myself from rushing out to buy the entire collection. It's super pigmented, long-lasting and creamy [not drying in the slightest], yet feels completely weightless, and somehow transforms my naturally thin lips into a perfectly full pout. Like I said, smitten.

The Secret History by Donna Tartt : After not being overly impressed with Tartt's The Goldfinch, I abstained from picking up this, her most notable novel, for over a year before finally giving in to the hype [which is well-deserved!]. The story is clever and the prose elegant - and for both of these reasons the book is near impossible to put down. Brooding, psychological, and a must read if you've ever studied Classics; The Secret History is that rarity, an intellectual page-turner.

New Balance 420 Suede Mix Trainers : It's taken me until now to grant the sportswear trend a home in my wardrobe; initially on the basis that for everyday wear, trainers really do take the formal edge of an outfit involving tailored trousers/culottes [without it losing its sartorial merit]. Aside from that, any shoes which are light, comfy, waterproof [!], and make the trek down Oxford Road to uni that little bit more bearable/dry are a welcome addition to my collection.

Spotify Playlist : Ever since my new headphones arrived I've been back on the Spotify game, I'm signed up for Premium and compiling playlists left right and centre. This month's most played : Clean Bandit, Jessie Ware, and Agnes Obel.

In other news, I will be a little "off the radar" for the next seven days [posts are scheduled, but do forgive delayed replies to comments!]. I'm headed on a mini stay-cation - four days in the countryside surrounded by greenery and open skies[!], followed by a weekend in London; continuing the birthday celebrations. I'm all kinds of excited - after all, what could be more fun than three days of exploring [and eating] one's way around the capital??

Whatever you have planned, have an amazing week.


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+ This article on Manchester's modernist architecture has definitely made me appreciate my surroundings more since I read it! + + Two of my favourites blogging gals joined YouTube this week [cue : huge celebration on my part]. Bridie of Maison Ellis shared her eyebrow wisdom in this beautifully edited video, and the lovely Tenneil of Like Neon Love shared a haul of beauty, fashion, and homewares all the way from Australia! + + + The 'pay for your stay' coffee shop model has arrived in Manchester - I can't wait to visit [details here]! + + + + Jack White's guac recipe got leaked last week. Looks pretty good to me... + + + + + I shared five of my favourite luxury haircare brands over on A Little Opulent.

WEEKEND RITUAL #20 : 22 Resolutions

The weekend joy has hit, we've ALMOST survived January and I'm edging ever closer to the big two-two [Friday!!]. Speaking from experience, there is nothing quite like birthday anticipation to brighten the bleak month of January. Cue SOARING levels of excitement [understatement], wishlist compiling, and coffee/dinner/cocktail/brunch plots filling my diary for the next few weeks. Birth-DAY, or birth-WEEK??

Ahead of hitting the grand old age of 22 I decided to compile a list of 22 resolutions - of the practical, personal, and [most importantly] achievable type. What better turning point/milestone than a birthday to reassess and plot goals??

+ Read a book a week [I used to read so much but between work/blogging/studying etc have barely found time to in recent months]. + Wear my glasses more often and my contact lenses less [see below!]. + DRINK MORE WATER. + Get into the habit of making daily to-do lists [without which I am 7083727 times less productive]. + Start saving for the long-term [boring, but necessary]. + Gain more writing experience. + Be ruthless when it comes to throwing things away. + Take up the piano again [its been years since I last played regularly but now that I'm home and have access to a lovely instrument I'm determined to make the most of it]. + Complete my Duke of Edinburgh Award [because getting stuck on a near vertical cliff face will not have been in vain, and 25 is edging closer]. + Buy clothes with the mantra ‘quality > quantity’ in mind. + Own a pair of Louboutins [life is too short not to]. + Meet up with Internet friends [plans already in motion!]. + Organise my iPhoto/iTunes [such a chore but it needs to be done!]. + Use eye cream, EVERYDAY. + Cut dairy [I'm convinced that it's at the root my recent breakout so see-yah cheese *sobs*]! + Learn how to use my new camera, properly. + Build a capsule wardrobe [minimalism, all the way]. + Explore [I have friends all over the country and I'm determined to make the most of my railcard and get down to London more this year]. + Start working out again [I always slack off in winter but I'm determined to catch the running bug this year]! + Wean myself off sugary tea. + Be consistent with my skincare [the bane of every skincare obsessed beauty blogger]. + Grow my hair [because sadly choppy bobs don't stay choppy bobs for long].

Resolution No.2 is a big 'un, but one I am more than happy to embrace when sporting my new pair of London Retro Ohara specs, kindly sent over by the lovely people over at Glasses Direct! If [like me] you're FUSSY with a capital 'F' when it comes to finding eyewear then here is a company which will make the process a whole lot simpler. Designer glasses [via the new Boutique section] at affordable prices, and with a free home trial which allows to you try out multiple styles for free before purchase - indecision will be a thing of the past. And if you feel like joining me on the 'wear my glasses more often' resolution, you can enter the Rafflecopter giveaway down below to win a pair of London Retro specs of your choice!

In the meantime, HAPPY SUNDAY!

G x

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+ Rebecca wrote a wonderfully refreshing post on defining success which really struck a chord! + + Anyone with a love for interiors [and a dash of creativity] will love this ALO piece on incorporating elements from commercial design into your home decor. + + + Did you know that throughout filming, the cast of Friends wore HD makeup?? Well now you do [details here]. + + + + Into The Gloss shared some new and doable tips guaranteed to the up the game of your DIY mani. + + + + + Common sense re. politics. I hope you're reading, Russell Brand. + + + + + + A VERY interesting article from The New Yorker on the future of fast food, as inspired by the "Shake Shack economy". + + + + + + + Helen from The Lovecats Inc shared 8 very helpful blogging tips. Common sense in bucketfuls.

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WEEKEND RITUAL #19 : The Zen List

 Wowee, the weekend comes and goes FAR too quickly these days.

Firstly, I would like to say a massive MASSIVE thank you to everyone who has read and subscribed to this blog in the past two years. This week marked TGG hitting the 10,000 subscribers mark [!!!], something I am still struggling to get my head around [that's an awful lot of people!], and the last few weeks have seen so many of you subscribing to, 'saving', and commenting on my posts that I'm usually in a state of shock when I log into my inbox to a plethora of Disqus & Bloglovin emails. BIG LOVE, to you all.

Last week I began the first of several weeks worth of commuting to the city for work - 6am starts, five hours on public transport, seven hour shifts, and not tumbling into bed until gone 11pm are already taking their toll upon me - especially as my two days off are spent essay writing [the phrase 'walking dead' springs to mind?].

The agenda of my Sunday evenings is quite different however, and 100% non-negotiable. Relaxation, decadence, and rejuvenation are the only cards on the table as I attempt to recuperate from one exhausting week and gear myself up for yet another. Monday/January blues will not get the better of me.

Today's tick-list line-up has been curated with ZEN in mind, and looks something a little like this :

+ A country walk. There's nothing quite like fields and fresh air to blow away the cobwebs of the previous week and counter the effects of far too many hours spent on public transport. + Candles galore (Diptyque, MUJI, The White Company, Byredo, the whole shebang) + A luxurious soak c/o my January sale Lush So White bath bomb stash. + A darn good book. I'm currently reading [and adoring] Michel Faber's The Book of Strange New Things. + A much needed mani - Chanel's Elixir is my current favourite & paired with Seche Vite will last all week long. + Bodycare indulgence : exfoliation + moisturisation guaranteed to leave me with silky soft skin. + A facial [naturally] - I'm thinking all things Aesop...

DO spill the beans on your Sunday line-up...

G x

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+ The New York Times shared it's '52 Places to Go in 2015', of which my beloved Manchester ranked No. 26 [woo!]. + + Ahead of turning 22 in a few weeks I adored reading i-D's amusing and heartwarming 'Girl's Guide to Growing Up' - everyone should read this, even you. + + + The official trailer for season 3 of House of Cards is now out. I don't know about you, but I'm excited... + + + + Season 4 of GIRLS aired this week and was uhh-mazing. Lena Dunham, I salute you. + + + + + Lipstick lovers unite - over this beautifully written article from The Cut. + + + + + + Friday saw Jen launch her consultancy services for creatives - if you're in need of a helping hand when it comes to blogging, she's your girl. + + + + + + + + Rae Jones interviewed Jane Sherperdson (CEO at Whistles) for Buckitt's Woman of Substance series.