All of my blog posts are written in my own words, and contain my own thoughts and opinions. I will always be 100% honest with the reviews I give. Many of the items featured on my blog I buy myself, with my own money. However, if I am sent an item by a company, it will clearly be marked with an asterix (*). I am never obliged to feature any samples received and I will never feature products on my blog that I wouldn’t buy myself.

Sponsored content will be disclaimed at the top of the post. Again I will only create content regarding products which I would myself buy, and which I feel meets the standard and motif maintained across this blog.

Essentially, THAT GRACE GIRL is not a review blog, which is why I rarely wholly condemn a product. I aim to be fair and professional, but also positive, so if I don’t like a product I will probably not feature it. Where appropriate however, I will mention any downfalls a particular product has. At the same time, if I do not find a product suitable for myself, this does not mean it will be unsuitable for all, and vice versa.

As regards advice; I am not a dermatologist and when it comes to skincare I speak only from what experience I have gained either in dealing with my own skin, during my work as a beauty advisor, and in assisting friends and family with similar issues.

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