April Beauty Favourites

DSCN1610 I've tried out quite a few new beauty/cosmetic products recently, so I decided to do a 'spring favourites' post to show you the ones that I've been using and loving the most. A little longer than intended, but here you go.

Soap & Glory 'Fab Pore' hot cloth cleanser, £10 This is a most DEFINITE star of the month. I almost did a whole seperate post on this gem but at risk of repeating the word 'amazing' too many times, I witheld. Firstly, I am a vehement Lush addict and for the past eighteen months have exclusively used Lush products on my face. However I've recently been feeling that my skin was perhaps getting a little used to the products that I've been using, and that they weren't having quite the desired effect. So I decided to mix things up. A friend of mine has been recommending hot cloth cleansers to me for a while but I didn't want to blow my budget so chose to play it safe with a drugstore brand. I was pleasantly surpised to see that the reviews for this product were amazing, with many claiming it to be better than the famous Liz Earle version. It definitely lived up to it's reputation. I've only used this four times and my skin is already looking noticeably brighter and clearer. I apply it to a clean damp face after removing my makeup in the evening. It has a chemically but not unpleasant scent and thick creamy consistency. I like to take the time to massage it into my face and leave it to sit for a few minutes before I rinse it with the hot cloth and ta da! Lovely smooth clean skin! Perfect.

Lush 'Enzymion' moisturiser, £13.75 I was never really a moisturiser person until I started using this one when comitting to a Lush facial regime last winter. I've always had slighlty oil prone skin so didn't see the point in moisturiser. I later learned that in depriving my skin of moisturiser it was making it's own, hence my oiliness, and ever since have used this religiously. It smells divine, very fresh and fruity, and applies smoothly without being too heavy or shiny. Depending on my routine I either apply this at night or in the morning before I apply my foundation. It is recommended as a makeup base and for me is perfect when used with my powder foundation. I'm also quite certain it has spot zapping qualities…


Aussie 'Miracle Hair Insurance' leave-in conditioner, £4.49 I've been using this for about 3 months after being pulled in (once again) by Boot's frequent 3 for 2 Aussie deal, and of the three products I purchased this was undoubtedly the best. I blowdry my hair regularly so am conscious of heat damage, and do have quite dry and split ends as a result of this. I also (pre-Tange Teezer (that's another story)) had great trouble getting a comb through my hair after washing it, no matter how much conditioner I used. I have very long thick hair and it has always been knot-prone (causing many a teary evening). This saved the day. I spray it on (liberally and yet it lasts AGES) after getting out of the shower, concentrating on the lower parts of my hair, and somehow the comb runs through like silk. This plus a Tangle Teezer is Rapunzel's heaven.

NYX 'Taupe' blush, £7.69 Calling all ghosts! I've been searching for the perfect (but budgetable) contour for a while now, and after a few regretful mis-buys leaving me with orange cheeks and a whole in my pocket, I have found Mr Right! As a pale girl who likes to keep it 'au naturale', I didn't want anything too ostentatious but still wanted to create the popular contoured cheeks effect. This has the perfect balance.


Essie 'Nourish Me' base coat, £8.99 I've ben suffering from dry and brittle nails for a few months. Probably a combo of too many failed nail art attempts and a very cold winter. I've been using this for about a month now whilst detoxing from all other nail products (!) and it is really helping. My nails are looking and feeling a lot stronger and healthier, and like all Essie products it applies beautifully.

So that's it for April. If you have any questions about any of these products do let me know!