June Beauty Favourites


This month, I've been trying (emphasis on the word trying) not to get too spend happy as I attempt to save money for my trip to America. Therefore the products featured in this post are not all new, many are old favourites that I've rediscovered and put too good use as the weather has started to heat up and I've attempted to embrace that summer feeling.

Soap and Glory 'The Breakfast Club' body exfoliator - £8

I am definitely a smell person, and will be sold solely by the smell of a product. After reading rave reviews about this scrub I decided to put it to the test and took a whiff in my local Boots store. It smells INCREDIBLE. Think maple syrup, honey, oats, and a hint of banana. I spent the majority of the day of purchase with my nose in the tub, wishing it were edible (I did try but sadly it doesn't quite match up to its smell). Aside from its heavenly aroma (which even my boyfriend loves), this scrub does its job in every other way. Its a really nice exfoliator, not too rough, perfect for mornings, and it doesn't seem to be disappearing too quickly, despite how often I use it. If you have ever desired to spend your days smelling like a pancake then this is the product for you.


Marc Jacobs 'Dot' Eau de Parfum - £47

I received this perfume as a gift last Christmas after falling in love with the smell in John Lewis. When it comes to perfumes, I'm generally a Chanel girl but I absolutely loved the fresh, fruity aroma of this product. Being fresh and fruity, it didn't really suit the winter weather so I've only really started to use this since the weather has heated up a bit. It's the perfect scent for a warm summers day, berries, honeysuckle and a hint of vanilla, (plus it comes in an adorable bottle).


Kiehls 'Ultra Facial Cleanser' - £8.50

I've reviewed this product previously in my skincare lineup, but have been using it a lot over the past month. It's the product I've been reaching for after long hot days in the sun as it leaves my face feeling super clean and smooth, without being too oily or drying. A little really does go a long way when it comes to this cleanser. I apply a pea sized amount to my fingers before rubbing it onto a wet face where it builds up really well. Not overly cheap or accessible but worth trying if you want a good, simple cleanser without any specific aims.


Bobbi Brown Shimmer Lip Gloss in 'Rose Gold' - £18

I've owned this product for a few years and it is by far my favourite lip gloss of all time. It's great all year round, but I always find myself using it more in the summer months when a light, natural shimmer is all I want. For me, this is the perfect shade, just the right amount of shimmer, and it lasts really well. It isn't cheap, so I've been (unsuccessfully) hunting for a decent high street dupe, but so far this continues to remain unbeatable.


Essie 'Mint Candy Apple' - £7.99

I have already featured a post on this Essie 'must have', but as it's barely left my nails this month I couldn't go without featuring it amongst my June favourites. I've never really been a fan of pastel colours but this colour has the ability to be subtle yet eyecatching. It's the perfect summer shade (and looks great with reds and oranges, if you fancy jazzing it up).


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