Bioderma Sensibo H2O Micelle Solution

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Bioderma is something that I've always wanted to try after reading and watching rave reviews all over the internet. A bottle of this stuff is supposedly sold every six seconds, and within a few months it's become a cult product in the beauty blogging world, with makeup artists and models all over the world swear by this 'wonder product's' makeup removing abilities.

Micellar water is basically a really clever formula which allows for a water/oil solution (if you paid attention in biology you'll know that the two don't typically mix), making it really powerful when it comes to removing makeup. However, despite being powerful, the formula is really mild and non-irritant meaning it is perfect for those with sensitive or spot-prone skin. There's more science to it but that's about all I can get my head around on a Monday morning!

Essentially this product looks just like water, it's completely odourless, but does bubble up when shaken around a bit (proving that it's not JUST H2O). I apply a few drops to a cotton pad (the recommended form of application) and wipe over my face, usually using both sides, to remove any traces of makeup left over after my double cleanse. I don't wear foundation every day, but when I do I always double cleanse as I find that my new foundation in particular (Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua) is particularly hard to budge. I typically use a gel cleanser with water, and then a milk cleanser and toner, a double cleanse which you would expect to do its job and remove all the nasties from your skin. However, after this pretty thorough cleanse, Bioderma still manages to produce an orange tinted cotton pad. This is pretty impressive given that two 'makeup removing' cleansers clearly didn't do their job quite as well as they should. It was also good at removing my eye makeup. I held a soaked cotton pad over my eye for 30 seconds and most of my mascara came away immediately. Normally I end up with a smudgy black cloud around my eye, but after a few more swipes my lashes were mascara free! I have really sensitive, problem prone eyes (as a result of wearing contact lenses) and unlike my most eye makeup removers this didn't sting at all when used.

Bioderma isn't cheap (unless you're French). I purchased my 250ml bottle from during their June sale (1/3 off French skincare) so it was £6.66 instead of Escentual's usual £7.99, which is still cheaper than RRP (£9.99). It is also available in 500ml (£11.50) and 100ml bottles, (£3.60) which are really cute and perfect for travelling. If you're in France, then be sure to stock up as this is apparently dirt cheap over the channel where it's marketed as a budget beauty buy. Because of the price, I'm not sure that I would buy this again in a rush. If it was on sale or I was in France then definitely as it saved a lot of time and hassle, and I use it safe in the knowledge that it's bringing no harm to my skin. However, for quite a few less pennies a drugstore makeup remover will do the same job. Even if it takes a little longer to budge.

Let me know how you get on with Bioderma, do you think it's worth the hype? And if you have any questions or queries, let me know! Follow my blog with Bloglovin