Dead Sea Spa Magik Face Masks

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Face masks are definitely amongst my favourite beauty buys, and I was super excited to receive two in my Birchbox and Dead Sea Spa Magik competition win. The Mud Mask, aimed towards clearing the complexion, and the Delicate Boosting Mask for deeply nourishing dry and sensitive skin. My skin is typically normal/dry but can go through oily/spotty stages when under stress and it fairly sensitive so both these masks suit me for different situations. Over the last few weeks I've been putting these two to the test on my 'back to uni' stressed skin, and am loving the results.

First up the Mud Mask. I had a really bad virus my first week back at uni, and this paired with the daunting prospect of the term ahead left me pretty stressed out and tired. My skin suffered and I had some bad breakouts, so I opted to try this mask first. As you can see it's VERY black. I was amazed and a little concerned it might not wash off at first. I've used a lot of face masks, and usually swear by Lush's fresh face mask collection. However, this mask is the best I have ever used in terms of application. It applies really smoothly and evenly, doesn't cling to the fingers, is easy to spread, doesn't clump up, the list goes on. Unlike Lush's masks which can be quite thick and lumpy, I was able to apply this easily to all the awkward parts, and a little went a long way.

The packaging says to leave this on for 1-5 minutes and then remove with the sponge, however I neglected to read this, presuming it was the usual 15-20 minutes, and left it on for about half an hour. Luckily there didn't seem to be any consequences to this, I'm not sure why it's such a quick use mask! I removed mine in the shower and it came away really easily. Just remember to check your face in the mirror afterwards in case of any missed black smudges! Despite being aimed at oily skin, this mask wasn't drying at all, and left my face feeling really clean and smooth afterwards.

If you want something with a little less oomph, opt for the Delicate Boosting Mask. This mask was also really smooth and easy to apply but has a much lighter, almost mousse-like formula, despite looking very clay-like. I used a bit more of this mask than the Mud Mask, as it didn't apply as thickly.

I left this on for about half an hour again before removing it in the shower. Like the Mud Mask, this was very easy to remove, (plus no chances of leaving the house with black smudges this time). It left my skin feeling soft and nourished. If you have sensitive skin or want a mask that you can use a few times a week then definitely choose this one, it's more TLC than 'deep banish those pores cleanse'.

I will definitely repurchase both of these masks, but given how little you need I think they'll be lasting me a while! I love that they're each suited to different purposes and that you can really feel that difference in the effect they have on your skin. Thumbs up once again Dead Sea Spa Magik! You can buy these masks for around £7.70 from retailers such as John Lewis,, and Amazon. For similar posts and reviews you can follow me on Bloglovin.