Lush 'Rudolph' Fresh Face Mask



I've been looking forward to trying this product ever since a sneak preview of the 2013 Lush Christmas range was released last month. Obviously I've been eagerly anticipating the return of my beloved Snow Fairy shower gel for some time, but was even more excited when I learnt that Lush were adding a new fresh face mask to their line for the festive season. 

Rudolph is aimed at helping your skin recuperate from the perils of winter weather. The change in temperature, and contrast between overheated rooms and the icy cold outside always seems to have an impact on my skin, which it can be hard to know how to deal with. Rudolph ticks all the boxes in promising to soothe, nourish, and calm skin, as well as reducing redness and restoring nutrients. The main ingredients are cucumber, oatmeal, tofu, and lavender, with tea tree and witch hazel to keep blemishes at bay. I was a little surprised and slightly perturbed to see tofu featured, but you really wouldn't know in using it. My favourite thing about this mask is undoubtedly the inclusion of Rudolph's red nose, a round red jelly on the top of the mask. This is why I love Lush so much, who else would think of that!?


Being handmade and full of completely natural ingredients, Lush face masks are pretty thick and lumpy, and look like the kind of thing you could make in your kitchen (which you probably could), whilst this is great in terms of knowing exactly what is in the mask, it does make for tricky application. I've used A LOT of Lush face masks in my time, and this by far has to have been the most awkward one to apply. The mask is surprisingly solid, almost cakey (most are a kind of yogurt-like texture). The only thing I can liken it to is when you make instant porridge and you don't add enough milk. When I first tried to apply this it wouldn't even stick to my face. Most of the mask ended up falling into the basin or spreading along my fingers. I  managed to create a creamier substance by mixing it with water in the palm of my hand which did apply much easier, but still didn't give great coverage.


I left the mask on for about half an hour before rinsing it off. Like most Lush face masks you do have to remove it pretty thoroughly at risk of leaving the house with a piece of mushed fruit caught in your eyebrow. The mask left my skin feeling nourished rather than deeply cleansed as some do, but this is ideal with winter skin in mind. Even some of the most gentle and natural masks can leave your skin feeling stripped and a bit tight after use, but this one really doesn't. My skin was soft to touch afterwards, and to my surprise glittering! I checked the ingredients, and Rudolph does contain 'snowflake lustre' used in some Lush products to create an iridescent shimmer. I actually really liked this feature, the glitter really isn't overly noticeable and it fits in with the Christmas theme.


Whether you're typically dry, or oily, I'd recommend this mask for all skin types, as we all need a good bit of nourishment from time to time! I picked up some other festive bits and pieces so I'll definitely be posting a review of Lush's 2013 Christmas range soon, but in the meantime check out their lovely new products here! For similar posts and reviews you can follow me on Bloglovin.