2013 Beauty Favourites


I've written regular monthly beauty favourites posts since I started blogging last spring, so I wasn't originally going to write an annual version. However, once again I was inspired by the content of my Bloglovin feed, which over the past few days has included little else but 2013 favourites posts. As well as giving me inspiration for future purchases (I've accumulated a hefty list of MUST TRYS), I was left wondering what I would choose for my 2013 beauty favourites, and so this post was eventually written...


Cleanser - Lush 9 to 5 cleansing milk (£9.50) - A tricky one as cleansers are 'my thing', and I have rather a collection . However this one is my go-to-fail-safe in times of need. It's super gentle and doesn't do anything fancy or complicated, just cleans. Spot treatment - La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo (£13.50) - If I had to pick a product of the year it would be Effaclar Duo, hands down. This stuff works miracles on my skin. If you suffer from spots/acne, BUY IT. Not the cheapest spot treatment out there, but definitely the best I've tried (and I've tried many), plus it lasts ages. For a full review see here. Mask -REN Invisible Pores Detox Mask (18.50) - Face masks are my other big weakness. I love nothing more than the feeling of a super clean face, and am prone to using these two or three times a week. This REN one wins for me as it leaves my skin feeling like it's had a really deep cleanse but without the tight dry feeling which clay masks can give. On the contrary it leaves my skin feeling ridiculously smooth and soft. For a full review see here. Exfoliator - Soap & Glory Scrubatomic (£7) - I'm not a big fan of exfoliators, and only use them to prep my skin for a mask. This one is my favourite as it's not too scratchy/intense but still gets the job done. Moisturiser - The Body Shop Vitamin E moisture cream (£10) - I've used and loved quite a few moisturisers this year, but this one stands out purely because it feels so light and fresh,, and leaves it my skin really soft come morning. Serum - Trilogy Rosehip Oil (£16.50) - Another skin-saving product for me. This stuff is pricey but lasts forever and has worked wonders at fading my spot scars and reducing red patches. For a full review see here. Toner - Lush Tea Tree Toner (£7.50) - My go-to toner for the past few years, I've never had any issues with it and it works like a dream. Make-up remover - Bioderma H20 Micellar Water (£7.99) - Possibly the one product guaranteed a place on just about everyone's 2013 beauty favourites. Looks and smells like water but removes make-up with a prowess like no other. It's the one thing that budges my mascara without irritating my sensitive eyes, and pulls up traces of make-up even after a deep cleanse. L'Oreal's dupe comes a close second (and is a hell of a lot cheaper) but Bioderma pips the post.



Foundation - Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua in B10 (£32) - My first foray into the world of liquid foundation, and one I do not regret (despite the price). It's definitely a light coverage foundation (think tinted moisturiser) but still gives enough coverage for everyday wear, and doesn't leave that heavy, sticky feeling. For a full review see here. Concealer - Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection concealer (£4.19) - I've been tempted into trying out high-end concealers on numerous occasions but this budget offering works so well for me that I don't think I need to risk the change! Perfect for both blemishes and under eye circles. Mascara - L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes mascara (£10.99) - Words just can't do justice to my love for this mascara. It's simply the best. Volume. Length. End of. For a full review see here. Lipstick - Chanel Rouge Coco Hydrating Creme Lip Colour in 19 Gabrielle (£24) - Not my most worn lipstick but certainly my all time favourite. Aside from holding sentimental value (my first Chanel lipstick, and a gift from Danny), it's the most perfect classic red. I tend to reserve this for special occasions as it's not exactly daily lip wear (unless you're French and tres chic), but it has perfect last and applies beautifully. Lip balm - Carmex Original Lip Pot (£2.69) - I've used many a lip balm/scrub over the year but this most recent try has captured my heart. It's not too heavy or glossy so sinks straight in without leaving unwanted residue, and gives enough of a tingle to let you know that it's working it's magic. Plus the pot is uber cute. Blush - MAC Fleur Power powder blush (£18) - I'm not a big blush wearer so there weren't many contenders for this category. This wins hands down for being light and natural but with enough of a coral tint to satisfy my Fifties longings. For a full review see here. Powder - Chanel Les Beiges Sheer Powder (£38) - I've used this all year since Danny treated me at Easter, so again an obvious winner. It sets my foundation beautifully and smells so French! For a full review see here. Eyebrows - Soap & Glory Arch de Triumph brow pencil (£8) - The fact that this is £8 for a half sized brow pencil really annoys me, but it's the most perfect shade for my eyebrows so I've repurchased this throughout the year. I'm on the hunt for a more economical dupe, but until then I'll be sticking to S&G. Eyeshadow - Bobbi Brown eyeshadow in Bronze (£17) - I love this shade! It's perfect for subtle everyday wear but also for layering up with some glitter for a more glamorous evening look. Lip gloss - Bobbi Brown Shimmer Lipgloss in Rose Gold (£18) - My all time favourite lip gloss. I repurchase this every year as it's the perfect 'my lips but better' shade and isn't too obviously glossy. Nail varnish - Collection 2000 Sparkle Topcoat (£2.99) - I tend to hide this bottle away as I'm prone to caving and applying a glitter topcoat within a few hours of painting my nails. I can't actually remember the last time I left them plain, but it looks so pretty and works wonders at keeping my nail varnish intact! I dare you to resist it. Tool - Real Techniques Buffing Brush (£21.99) - I bought a Beauty Blender the other day but am too scared to try it as this Buffing Brush applies my foundation so perfectly! It's also great for applying powder and blusher. I'm tempted to buy a few more! Primer - Benefit The Porefessional (£24.50) - I only used a sample size of this but my oh my it completely changes the way my foundation looks and feels! Extortionately priced but I am oh so tempted to purchase the full-size.


Body care

Shower gel - Lush Snow Fairy - My all time favourite Lush scent is sadly only available at Christmas so I always stock up. Danny thinks it smells like Wham bars, I say pear drops. Either way you'll leave the shower with definite sweet shop vibes. Exfoliator - Soap & Glory The Breakfast Scrub (£8) - This smells good enough to eat (confession: I did and it was gross), it oozes all things breakfast; pancakes, banana, maple syrup etc and has the perfect exfoliating texture. (Not pictured). Moisturiser - Laura Mercier Fig Body Butter (£26) - My mini version from Birchbox is running low and I could cry. Fig is fast becoming one of my favourite scents. This body butter sinks straight in, leaving skin silky smooth and with the lovely fig aroma lingering for hours after application, it could just be my HG post-shower product. Hand Cream - Soap & Glory Hand Food (£5) - This has been a staple in my handbag for the past year and has yet to be bested. It smells lovely and doesn't leave my hands too greasy. Perfect for relieving the effects of cold weather and washing up. For a full review see here. Deodorant - Bionsen Sensitive Deodorant Spray (£3.29) - A boring product, but a staple on every girl's bathroom shelf (or so I should hope). This aluminium-free offering from Bionsen is perfect if you have sensitive skin or are wary of the supposed negative effects of deodorants. It doesn't have an overly strong or floral smell, just a clean fresh scent that doesn't linger annoyingly.


Hair care

Shampoo - Aussie Mega Shampoo (£4.69) - By far the best shampoo to grace my shower closet, and one of the few to keep my hair clean beyond the usual 2-3 days. It gives amazing volume, smells delicious and leaves my hair oh so soft. (Not pictured). Conditioner - Aussie Mega Instant conditioner (£4.49) - Pretty much the same as above. These products are the perfect duo but still work superbly when mismatched. Leave-in Conditioner - Aussie Miracle Recharge Aussome Volume leave-in conditioner (£4.99) - I've used Aussie leave-in conditioners for the past few years and this latest offering is by far my favourite. It gives amazing lift to the roots and helps to keep my hair tangle free as I blow dry. Styling - Charles Worthington Volume & Bounce Texturising Spray (£6.99) - I purchased this after seeing several bloggers cite it as the perfect dupe of the much loved (but very expensive) Oribe Dry Texturising Spray. Whilst I certainly can't compare the two, I'm amazed at the results this gives. Hold and volume without weighing my (long, thick) hair down or leaving that sticky stiff feeling which hairspray is prone to. Treatment - Montibel.lo Amber & Argan Oil (£22.50) - This Birchbox sample works wonders on the dry ends of my hair and a little goes a long way! You certainly wouldn't think I've had this bottle for several months!


I hope that you've enjoyed reading about my 2013 beauty favourites, perhaps they'll inspire you as much as everyone else's has me! Where applicable I've linked to detailed reviews on certain products. Alternative reviews on most of the other products featured can be found in my monthly favourites posts (see below). If you have any questions or recommendations do let me know, and for similar posts and updates you can follow me on Bloglovin and Twitter.

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