Sunday Stuff #1



Inspired by my favourite blogger Essiebutton, I decided to join in on the 'Sunday Stuff' post trend. Once a week Estee shares the products she used during her weekly pamper session, giving them each a brief review. I really enjoy these posts (they usually involve face masks so no surprise as to why), and as I love a good pamper session myself (I actually really hate the word pamper but there's no alternative), I decided to add Sunday Stuff posts to my blogging schedule.

When I'm at uni I always set aside Sunday evening for my weekly indulgence in luxury skincare, Netflix, and non-fiction. Finishing work early, instead of carrying on after dinner, I like to have a long shower and then relax in bed with a movie or some trashy TV, a stack of magazines, a face mask, and some chocolate. However, I've been at home for the past few weeks, so have actually had access to a BATH and CANDLES, adding even more luxury to my evenings of relaxation...

REN Invisible Pores Detox Mask - £18

My skin has been really playing up the past month, and I've suffered some pretty nasty breakouts. As a result, this bad boy has been on my face at least twice a week, and the results are finally starting to show. This mask applies as a thick white cream which dries quickly leaving me with that tight 'must resist the urge to smile' feeling. It comes off really easily and leaves my skin incredibly soft but still feeling like it's had a really intensive deep cleanse. When I first bought this I used to apply it quite frugally but didn't really see results. A thick layer however, really makes a difference and my skin always looks clearer and brighter after use. See my full review here.

Neal's Yard Seaweed & Arnica Foaming Bath Oil - £15

This is my pre-bed bubble bath of choice. It smells fresh and herby (without being at all hippy-ish) and reminds me of having spent a day outside in fresh autumn air. Despite this the smell does make me want to go straight to sleep (not one for the morning bathers amongst you), and works a treat on aching muscles!


It by Alexa Chung - £11.55

I've always been a fan of Alexa Chung, adoring her laid-back tomboy-chic style, flawless eyeliner, and witty tweets, so I was eager to get my hands on It. The book is vaguely autobiographical, basically snippets of text, witticisms and anecdotes from Alexa's life. For those of you expecting an in-depth account of Alexa's life be warned, the font size is big, and there are LOTS of pictures. I read the book in about 20-30 minutes, and didn't really learn much about Alexa other than that she doesn't like thongs (preach it girl). It's definitely the kind of book you can just pick up and start reading from anywhere. All in all a light-hearted and enjoyable read (minus THAT infamously cringe quote: "I've never dated a guy who wasn't the lead singer of a band"), not really an autobiography but more of a blog in paper form.

The Body Shop Gingerbread Sparkle Body Butter - £13 (now £5 in the sale!)

I've never really been a post-bath products kinda gal. I prefer to get warm, dry, and dressed as soon as I'm out of the shower/bath to standing around shivering and waiting for moisturiser to sink in. However I'd heard such good things about The Body Shop's body butters (and love anything gingerbread related), so added this to my Christmas list. It has an unusual texture compared to other 'body butters' that I've tried, and is actually very similar to butter! Scent-wise I wouldn't say this is the best gingerbread smell in the world, Danny thinks it smells like beer. To me it says more gingerbread latte than Budweiser, but it does have a weird citrusy edge to it. With a good rub this sinks straight into the skin, avoiding any stickiness whatsoever. The scent lingers pleasantly without being overpowering, and it leaves my skin beautifully soft.


The Balm Jade in the USA$10

I picked up this gorgeous emerald green when I was in the States this summer. It's a spot on hit for my favourite shade of green and goes with everything.

Essie Big Spender - £7.99

I'm not a big fan of pink, but I pinched this favourite of my mum's to be the accent nail to the above. It goes so well with the green, and as with all Essie shades applies and lasts like a dream.


Danny's sister made me these gorgeous vintage teacup candles for Christmas. They smell gorgeous and look so pretty! I'd love to try making some in the future, it's such a cute gift idea!

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