Blogosphere Magazine Review



Bloggers (of all kinds) alert! Whether you're a beauty, food, travel, fashion, or lifestyle blogger, or simply a lurker who follows and longs to start your own, you NEED to check out Blogosphere magazine.

Way back in November by best friend Liz visited me in Oxford for a weekend of relaxation. We spent the days shopping, eating, and seeing the sights, before returning to my dorm room to don our onesies, shove up our hair, apply a face mask, and just relax. Aside from gossiping, crime documentaries, and chocolate, we also took the time to peruse some magazines. Stylist and Company made their appearances and then Liz pulled out the first edition of Blogosphere magazine. I'd seen a few tweets about it in the previous weeks but hadn't had the time to check it out properly.


This latest offering to hit the blogging world provides a structured, well-written, and inspirational publication accompanied by beautiful photos and an obvious love for writing. Available in both hard and e-copy formats retailing for £4 and £2 respectively, the magazine is relatively devoid of adverts, at least compared to mainstream magazine offerings, and makes for an informative and entertaining read. After reading Liz's copy of Issue 1 I knew I wouldn't be able to resist succumbing to Issue 2. Luckily I received an iPad for Christmas so downloaded it as soon as possible (FYI: downloading and payment was simple and fuss-free).


Blogosphere features interviews with top bloggers (Essiebutton in Issue 1 and Liberty London Girl in Issue 2). The magazine follows a structured format whereby the bulk of the magazine is split into sections on food, fashion, lifestyle, beauty, travel, and photography blogs. One blogger from each category is interviewed and selects five more blogs from the same category who then each write an article. This is the perfect way to discover both new bloggers and new categories of blogs. This structure is then peppered with random articles. Issue 2 features 'The Art of the Selfie', a really interesting article on the history of the self portrait, as well as an informing article on the legalities of blogging.


If you're an old-time blogger, just starting out, or looking for a final source of inspiration to start your own blog then I really recommend giving Blogosphere a read. It's well-worth £2 if you have a tablet or e-reader, and the hard copy itself is beautiful! For similar posts and reviews you can follow me on Wordpress, Bloglovin, and Twitter.