Aesop Parsley Seed Cleansing Masque


IMG_9094 This mask is fast becoming a cult favourite among beauty bloggers, and as a self-confessed skincare junkie and face mask addict, I've been desperate to add it to my collection for some time. Retailing at £27 this was no easy purchase for me, but a recent bout of bad skin spurred me to purchase, and I am so glad that I did. It may not be cheap, but this mask certainly works. And not only works, but works wonders.

Aesop is an Australian skincare brand which makes high-quality plant-based products for skin, hair, and body. Their old school apothecary-esque packaging is to die for (I dream of the day I will have an exclusively Aesop stocked bathroom), and a visit to one of their beautiful shops is something akin of a visit to the Tate (yes, I am one of those awful people who is sold on the aesthetics). However, luckily for me, what's in those beautiful brown bottles is equally as beautiful as the bottles themselves. The brand places emphasis upon the inclusion of antioxidants in their products, which help to prevent and repair damage to  skin, and protect and encourage cell growth, helping to fight fine lines, blemishes, and scarring. Big thumbs up. The Parsley Seed range is aimed at countering the effects that genetics, hormones, climate, and pollution play upon the skin. Suitable for all skin-types, but especially those with combination/blemish prone skin, it promotes deep cleansing and hydration as the perfect antidote to troubled skin.


The three main ingredients of this mask are Parsley Seed (regulates oil production, cleanses pores, and reduces blemishes), Evening Primrose (hydrates, clears pores, and reduces redness), and Rosehip Oil (moisturises, and reduces scars and redness). It also contains Aloe Vera to soothe and heal, and Lavender to reduce swelling and redness. Despite being a clay-based mask (usually very drying), this mask is promoted as being perfect for those with dry or sensitive skin, and is therefore suitable for frequent use. It aims to deep cleanse, remove impurities, and leave the skin soft and refreshed. After a few weeks of use I can certainly vouch for it performing all four of the above.

I apply a good layer of the mask over my face after cleansing and exfoliating with warm water. At first the mask isn't very noticeable on the skin, but after a few moments it starts to thicken and dry, leaving a thin, smooth layer. The mask dries in a strange blotchy way, which really highlights the problems areas of my skin. Dry and oily patches, and pores become really noticeable as the mask gets to work on them. Gross but good, and you won't find your average drugstore face mask doing the same.


Aesop recommend leaving this mask on for 15 minutes, but as with most masks I leave it for twice as long (don't we all?), and haven't noticed any negative effects of doing so so far. I remove the mask with warm water and a muslin cloth before splashing my face with cold water and patting dry with a flannel. The mask does leave my skin feeling a little tight, but also unbelievably smooth and soft, and the tightness soon disappears. As with most masks that claim to 'remove impurities' I do find myself breaking out a few days after using this mask as it really helps to speed up the spot process, but as desired these blemishes never last long and are usually not very noticeable. I also like to use this as a targeted spot treatment if I have a couple of really nasty spots but the rest of my skin is okay. A dot of this on said spot overnight or on an at home day leaves the spot reduced in size, appearance, and pain free!

The Parsley Seed mask comes in this gorgeous metal tube, perfect for travelling and easy to apply. I've used it about 7 times now, and have barely made a dent on the tube, so you're sure to get your money's worth from it. I would go as far as to say it leaves you feeling like you have a new skin. Not in the 'instant perfect skin' sense, but as in it will feel as clean as new after use. So if it's deep cleansing you're after, Aesop's your man.

You can buy Aesop's Parsley Seed Mask online and instore, and can also find it on Cult Beauty and Amazon, and in Selfridges and Liberty. To stay updated with similar posts and reviews you can follow me on Wordpress, Bloglovin, and Twitter.