Klorane Nettle Shampoo

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I've admitted on many an occasion just how hooked I am on the Aussie Mega Volume shampoo. It's one of the few shampoos I've used that leaves my hair silky soft, volumised, tangle-free, and keeps it clean for 3+ days. However, I think I may have just found the one to beat it. And it ain't Aussie. Seriously, the Klorane Nettle Shampoo* pretty much blows Aussie out the water. It has much the same effect, but 37483902 times better.

Klorane is a French haircare brand, who aim to treat all hair related ailments in as gentle and natural way as possible. Hyped by bloggers and models this stuff is hard to source in the UK, but fear not, skincare favourite Escentual is on hand to keep our hair as chic as a Parisian's.

The Klorane Nettle Shampoo for Oily Hair* aims to detox your scalp gently but effectively, keeping it cleaner for longer between washes and working to restore balance to oil production on your scalp. I wouldn't say that I have really oily hair, but my roots do tend to loose the volume and get a bit greasy after a few days, especially if I've used styling products in my hair (gross but we've all been there). I found this shampoo to be so effective at getting rid of buildup in my scalp, and it left my roots so light and volumised. And this effect didn't last the usual max. 24 hours of the best "volumising" shampoos, it lasted the entire time. I have very long, thick hair, so it's very rare for a shampoo to achieve this! I left my hair unwashed for five(!!) days after first using this, and it wasn't noticeable at all. In fact, I could have probably left it another day (I normally go 3 max.). It remained volumised, soft, and easy to maintain throughout the five days, something no previous shampoo has attained! What I also loved about it is that despite this it didn't dry out my hair at all, so it really is as gentle as it claims!

The shampoo does actually smell like nettles, or at least smells herby/outdoorsy, but not in an unpleasant or overpowering way. This makes a nice change to the usual sickly sweet shampoo fragrances (I'm looking at you "Herbal" Essences) on offer on the high street. I was really surprised by the texture, it's very watery, so be careful to pour it into the palm of your hand rather than onto your fingertips as it will run straight off. Despite this it lathered really well (if there's one thing I can't bear it's a non-lathering shampoo), but I did find that I had to use quite a lot to get all of my hair covered. Not a problem if you have normal/short hair, but a tad more expensive for the Rapunzels of the world.

Whilst the Klorane shampoo is targeted at oily hair sufferers I would recommend it to anyone who likes to ensure that their hair gets a good deep cleanse or wants a long-lasting injection of volume. I've tried so many "volumising" shampoos and none of them, I repeat none, have worked half as well as this one. If you have quite thick hair and find that using styling products on your scalp (or conditioner), gives you oily roots, then this shampoo is perfect. Likewise, if your hair is really long and gets weighed down, this will keep it bouncy and voluminous like no other. At just £5.10 (only on escentual.com), the Klorane shampoo is only pennies more than Aussie's offering, and well worth parting with said pennies for. I for one will most definitely be purchasing.

If you don't quite fancy the nettle shampoo, be sure to check out Klorane's other offerings. With shampoos aimed towards just about every hair type (thin, coloured, dry, dull, flat, you name it) and an impressive range of conditioners and dry shampoos, Klorane are bound to have something for everyone.

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*This item was sent to me for consideration by escentual.com