La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo + Plus

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As regular readers will know, La Roche Posay's original Effaclar Duo has long been my favourite spot treatment, and I count it as one of the products that really made a difference in clearing up my problem skin. When I saw that LRP were releasing a revamped version of the cult classic I was at first a little sceptical, and then overjoyed to see that the main added benefit is that it helps to reduce and prevent scarring. I was even more overjoyed when Escentual (my favourite online skincare retailer) got in touch with me and asked if I'd like to review the new formula.

I've recently been suffering with quite a lot of scarring from spots. Nothing really bad, but faint red marks that seem to hang around for months. I'd been trialling out a few products garnered towards fading spot scars, and lathering my face in rosehip oil, but nothing had really been having the desired effect. Enter La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo [+]*.

The new formula comes in the exact same size, shape, and quantity as the old version. It also looks, smells, and feels exactly the same. For those of you who haven't used Effaclar Duo before, it's a very lightweight gel-like cream which disappears completely into the skin upon application and leaves a smooth finish. As with the original version I apply this in really small quantities. Literally a fingertip full will easily do your whole face. However, I would recommend only applying this in areas where you really do suffer from a lot blemishes, not just the odd one. And don't over-apply. If I ever get a bit too enthusiastic with my Effaclar Duo application (easily done), it brings out a lot of unwanted redness. If you're new to Effaclar Duo, bear in mind that you may break out during your first few weeks of use. This is normal (see my first review for more details).

When applied religiously (I'ved use this every morning and night post-cleanse) this stuff works wonders, and you do have to stick at it to see results. It won't miraculously clear your skin up overnight. Also bear in mind that this is a preventative spot treatment. It won't work wonders on existing blemishes, or when applied like a spot-on treatment, but you will notice a huge reduction in the amount of spots you suffer.

As for clearing up redness, this did take a few weeks to become more obvious. I stopped using my other scar-fading products to give this a fair test, and it came out with flying colours. I've been using it for a fortnight and my scars, although not completely gone, are significantly fainter. It's also prevented spots that I've had since from scarring.

If you suffer from breakouts or are struggling with clearing up the mess they leave behind then I highly recommend you check out Effaclar Duo [+]. I don't think the original version is being sold anymore but there really is no reason at all why you wouldn't use the new one. Check it out on Escentual for a reduced price!

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