Sunday Stuff #3


IMG_9583 Sundays at uni are the one night a week that I don't head to the library or carry on working after dinner, and boy do I look forward to them. The chance to completely relax for a few hours, read (non-academically), watch some Netflix, and get a face mask on really helps to set me up for the week ahead. This Sunday in particular was my first chance to relax in a long time. I just got over the flu and had a huge deadline on Friday so I've been working pretty much non-stop and not getting nearly as much sleep as I needed.

As I sadly don't have access to a bath at uni, a long hot shower has to suffice. Luckily my shower at uni is super hot and powerful, and as I'm in halls I don't have to pay bills so can stay in for as long as I like! Tonight I'm using this uber luxurious Gilchrist & Soames shower gel. It smells heavenly, and the scent lingers on my skin for a good day after I've used this.

I'm keeping my nails simple and chic this week, using Nails Inc's Motcomb Street. Its a gorgeous blue/black, very similar to Essie's Schoolboy Blazer, and looks great with a sparkly topcoat.

My face mask of choice tonight is the Aesop Primrose Facial Cleansing Masque*. This mask is fairly new to me but I already count it as one of my favourites. In true Aesop style this applies as a smooth, thin, beautifully scented layer of goodness, and leaves my skin feeling deeply cleansed but soft. It gives off a slight tingling/warming effect as it dries which I love as it feels like its really getting to work on my blemishes!

I've been an on and off subscriber to Graze for the past 18 months, I tend to resubscribe whenever they send me a deal, as £3.89 a week is a little pricy for snacks! However, those snacks are goddamn tasty, and great for carrying around in my handbag or nibbling on in the library. Tonight I'm tucking into Cookies and Cream, one of my favourites. It's the perfect dessert treat of white chocolate buttons and mini chocolate cookies, but also ticks the "healthy" box as it contains hazelnuts and sunflower seeds.

My Sunday read this week, and one of the best and most exciting new releases I've had my hands on in a long time. Porter magazine is the first literary offering from Net-a-Porter, the online high-end fashion retailer, and has been touted as hot competition Vogue. Not surprising therefore to hear it described by Vogue's Editor Alexandra Shulman as 'a glorified Sainsbury's magazine'. However, Sainsbury's magazine this is not. For a first issue, I was incredibly impressed. The attention to detail and hard work, which has evidently been put into making this magazine what it is shows in the turn of every page. The prose is beautiful, well-written, and incredibly readable. Each article is accompanied by stunning images and illustrations, and (in comparison to most monthlies), ads are few and far between. Like Vogue, the products and clothes featured are high-end, but what I love most about Porter is that as well as demonstrating "the dream", it makes itself relevant to the life of every fashion loving woman. Alongside the luxury designer labels and artistic fashion spreads, are anecdotes of fashion device and 'how to's'. Tips on wearing metallics, pulling off shirts, and dressing for the camera, which are applicable to both the high-end and the budget shopper. Essentially this magazine unites women who love fashion, regardless of their career, income, or phase of life.

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