Sunday Stuff #5

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Having finished up my undergrad degree, I'm home for good (or at least, the summer) and have had a busy few weeks settling back into the swing of things at home. After a week of unpacking and trying (and failing) to find a home for all of my belongings, I spent a busy weekend in Manchester with Danny - which involved eating, shopping, and yet more eating (more to come on this very soon). This week I resumed volunteering at my local museum, spent a few days helping my mum out at work, and started a part-time job. And of course on top of that I've been busy blogging - I'm a bit of a perfectionist so writing posts and taking pictures can often take up the majority of my day, and as much as I enjoy it, it doesn't half tire me out. It might not sound like a lot to some but I feel like I haven't stopped all week so as soon as I'm home from work I'll be relishing spending a few hours of my Sunday kicked back with a face mask on and a stack of magazines to hand.

After a quick shower I'll indulge in one of my favourite and more indulgent treats. Chanel's No5 Body Lotion is every bit as sensual and luxurious as you would imagine, with a cool, light texture, softly scented, and packaged in a sleek pastel pink bottle - truly the epitome of bath-time chic. In terms of application and last this gently moisturising cream is truly the holy grail of all body lotions. It sinks straight into my skin without leaving it at all damp and tacky, and the fragrance lingers for hours after application - so much so that even with morning application it still smells as strong when I am preparing for bed as it did pre-breakfast. Not just a pretty bottle. A little goes a long way, so despite the price tag this will last a lot longer than your average body lotion, and we all need a little treat once in a while, right??

This weeks skincare menu involves Aesop, Aesop, and yet more Aesop. Can you guess what my favourite skincare brand is? I'll start off by exfoliating with a little bit of Tea Tree Leaf Facial Exfoliant* mixed in with the Parsley Seed Facial Cleanser*. I love mixing this exfoliant powder in with a cleanser when my skin is going through a rough patch as it means I can tailor the degree of exfoliation to suit my skin. My skin has been quite sensitive lately and I've had a few breakouts so today I'll keep it pretty gentle. Post-cleanse I'll apply Aesop's Chamomile Concentrate Anti-Blemish Mask*. Whilst I do love the much-hyped Parsley Seed mask, I find this one to be much more effective when I'm battling blemishes. It leaves my skin feeling deeply cleansed but very calm and pacified. Mask applied, I'll fire up my Rose Signature candle from The White Company - this has a beautiful calming smell which isn't too strong or heady. Some healthy snacks today - I love nibbling on fruit, and strawberries are my all time favourites.

Now that I'm no longer in uni and within walking distance of a Stylist magazine hotspot, I've gotten behind on my favourite Wednesday pick me up. Luckily it's now available on iPad so I can never miss an issue. I love Stylist for being that magazine you can read in any mood. It's got a good mix of fashion and beauty alongside current affairs, celebrity interviews, travel, food, and bitesize features that you can read between bus stops - parfait!

After leaving my mask on to do its magic I'll apply a generous layer of Aesop's Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Serum*. This medium-weight serum is the ultimate moisture booster, and leaves my skin feeling cool and hydrated without the heavy, greasy feeling of your average moisturiser. Post-facial I'll most likely while away the hours before bed frantically pinning all things fashion, beauty, and food on Pinterest - I'm addicted!

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*PR sample