Reading List #2

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset I can't believe it's been six weeks since I posted my first 'Reading List' post. I meant to make this a monthly feature but I've had so many things scheduled that it kept getting pushed back...eek. Finally though, here it is - a roundup of the best of the bits that I've been reading/watching/pinning/liking this month...

Website - Foursixty Foursixty is the latest social media platform to gain buzz in the blogosphere. It very cleverly pulls together posts from your various social networks and displays them with a sleek, minimalistic design - displaying pins alongside tweets, Instagrams, music, and videos. A simple but effective concept makes for a very aesthetically pleasing and interactive experience.

Book - Valley of the Dolls by Jacqueline Susann I finally got around to reading this much hyped classic (which had been sat on my shelf waiting for me to finish uni since Christmas) and boy oh boy...without a doubt the best book I've read this year. It's been a while since I've read a really really good book - the type that keeps you up super late and has you reading long after your morning coffee has gone cold - you know the one. Despite being published in the 60's, this beautifully written novel resonates with current perceptions of feminine roles and ideals, and leaves you with a mind cluttered with questions.

Blog - Style Coke Kate's gorgeous blog has been a steadfast member of my 'Favourites' list on Bloglovin for some time now, and well deserves a mention - aside from this Kate is one of the loveliest people I've met through blogging (you may have noticed her recent contribution to Lipstick Lovers Unite). Written with fun, chatty prose and accompanied by pictures snapped against a glorious marble background, Kate keeps her beauty, fashion, and lifestyle posts short, sweet, and to the point - perfect breakfast reading. She has also just started YouTube (very inspiring - watch this space...), runs a dreamy Instagram account, and her 'Bon-Weekend' posts are just about the only thing to get me up on a Saturday AM, leaving me yearning for a weekend in the city.

YouTube - I Covet Thee One of my longterm YouTube favourites, Alix's videos are the first I watch when I log into a choc-a-bloc subscription box. Her videos are always beautifully edited and she provides really detailed and genuine reviews. This girl really knows her stuff and can bust some serious beauty jargon - especially when it comes to skincare. You can always count on Alix to have discovered the next 'big thing' or a dupe for a current bestseller months before the blogging hype follows suit.

Magazine - Vogue June 2014 A bit of a given really - Vogue is and always has been my favourite magazine. Yes, it features a lot of overpriced and ridiculous clothes, but for me it's an escape and a dream. This month I adored Hannah Hanra's piece on Netflix great Orange Is The New Black (Season 2 airs today!), a Minimalist fashion editorial (norm core truly is in it's heyday), and Julia Hobbs' Dolly Parton inspired moodboard, complete with playlist and all.

Pinterest - Bri Bri's Pinterest page is truly a curation of all things beautiful. Expect street style pics alongside hairstyle inspiration, the best of the beauty world, chic monochrome interiors, and 'preach it sista' quotes. Excuse me whilst I go on a Pinning spree...

Instagram - @fromrosesxo Known mostly for her beautiful blog (From Roses), and her position as Co-founder/Editor of A Little Opulent, Rebecca also makes a worthy contribution to the Instagram world. As a photography graduate, Rebecca's pictures are always beautifully taken, original, imaginative, and well-edited. I'm always certain to double-tap any picture which involves her darling dog Bella (surely a cousin of my little Flossie??).

There you go, your lazy weekend sorted. Thank me later.

Let me know in the comments below what you've been enjoying this month - I love to explore new suggestions! To stay updated with my future posts you can follow me on TwitterInstagram, Facebook, and Bloglovin, and don't forget to enter my most recent giveaway!