Nailed It

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset Other than the occasional rave about a specific bottle of nail polish (usually Essie) nail care doesn't get much of a looking on TGG. So in today's post I'll be taking you through the products that I use to keep my nails spick and span.

I don't really have a favoured nail polish remover so most of the time I just buy whatever is on offer. However, this Cutex offering is one of the best I've used. Possibly up for auto-repurchase?? It's incredibly effective and removes polish quickly and thoroughly but doesn't feel harsh or stripping on my nails. The formula is quite thick - almost milky, and really does feel nourishing. If I'm travelling I like to buy the pre-soaked pads but I much prefer using a solution and cotton pads.

I'll admit now that I'm one of those people who is very rarely without polish on their nails, so I do like to take the time to care for my nails between painting sessions. A recent and already adored addition to my nail care stash comes in the form of the Burt's Bees' Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream*. I was expecting this to have quite a greasy, buttery consistency, but it's much more balm-like and is completely solid in the tin. I spend a few minutes warming it through with my fingers before smoothing it over my nails. It doesn't leave a single bit of residue but effectively loosens and softens the cuticles in preparation to be pushed back. I use a nail buffer to gently smooth over the surface of my nails and work the balm into them - although it is a cuticle cream I find it to be really effective as a nourishing, strengthening solution on my nails (and it smells like lemon curd).

If my nails are especially long and I want to get them cut down significantly then I always use curved nail scissors to do so before filing them into shape. If they're kind of mid-length anyway then I like to file them regularly because (truth be told) I'm not really a fan of uber long nails.

My base coat of choice is Essie's Nourish Me (similar here) - the name at least makes me feel like I'm doing something good before applying a layer of coloured lacquer! I find my polish does last longer when I'm using this and it completely prevents any staining - even when I'm using a green/yellow coloured polish (notorious stainers).

I always like to apply two (sometimes ever three) layers of polish to get a good bold colour, plus it always lasts much longer. The next step should come as no surprise at all. Seche Vite is one of those cult beauty blogger favourites that gets a lot (and I mean a lot) of hype in the blogging world. With a thicker and more gel-like consistency than most top-coats this stuff is like glue and keeps my polish chip-free for days. It also has a mega shine factor, always a plus.

I do try to keep my nails polish-free for at least 24 hours between applications, during which time I make good use of the Caudalie Hand & Nail Cream*. With a dreamy honey scent and a loose silky consistency this has fast risen to the accolade of favourite hand cream. It's nourishing without being heavy and greasy and leaves my hands beautifully soft.

I'd love to know which nail care essentials you love to use, let me know in the comments below. To stay updated on future posts you can follow me on TwitterInstagramFacebook, and Bloglovin.