Reading List #3

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetDespite the warmer weather and occasional burst of sunshine, I've remained steadfastly glued to my iPad throughout the month so as to bring you the best of the online (and paper) world in time for this post (Who am I kidding? I literally can't keep myself off of Pinterest). This month there were no hard decisions, just obvious winners. I present to you the creme de la creme of my June/July picks... Website - An online magazine devoted to all things beauty, Byrdie features celebrity interviews, insider tips from Hollywood's top MUAs, and how-to guides for the latest trends and launches. I'm subscribed via Bloglovin so as to never miss a post, and truth be told I very rarely skip one. Addicted? Oh yes.

Book - Beauty by Louise Mensch A very easy read (not chick-lit but still not at all intellectually demanding) I devoured this book overnight and was left wishing that a sequel would miraculously appear on my bedside table by morning. No such luck, but this is the kind of book I will heartily recommend to friends, family, and you guys for months to come. If you're a beauty blogger or in any way involved in the beauty world, then this is a must-read if only for the regular name dropping of beauty products, bloggers, and websites. It's predictable but incredibly gripping and not at all as light-hearted as you'd expect.

Blog - Awake + Make Charlotte is an old high school friend of mine who I lost contact with until we started working together. Despite this we both had absolutely no idea that we were both bloggers until I came across Charlotte's blog quite by chance on Bloglovin (small world)! Awake + Make is a little bit of everything, expect style and beauty alongside recipes, DIY tutorials, and book reviews. I'm incredibly envious of Charlotte's sewing skills - the girl is a serious whizz-kid with a sewing machine!

YouTube - chrissstttiiine I discovered Christine's channel after she was featured recently in one of Estee's vlogs. Needless to say I then proceeded to while away several hours watching her somewhat addictive 'uniform' videos (basically a three minute outfit of the day). Christine has amazing style, really simple but different and not at all overdone. She also posts favourites videos, room tours, and makeup tutorials, all with a hefty dose of California vibes.

Magazine - ELLE I've always been a Vogue girl and don't think that (until April) I'd ever even read a copy of ELLE (I know right??). Fast-forward a few months down the line and I'm not only hooked but also subscribed. I always expected ELLE to be incredibly similar to Vogue but it's actually a lot more different than I thought it would be - with a more specific target audience (I'd say twenties?), and a very fun, fresh approach to writing. I love that the products featured aren't insanely expensive but also have a one-up on the usual suspects/high-street pieces featured in most monthlies aimed at younger women.

Pinterest - Freya Run by the popular German style blog (I knew I should have done GCSE German!), Freya's Pinterest Page features the best and the chicest that Pinterest has to offer. Mostly fashion related but with plenty of beauty and lifestyle boards thrown in, their page is truly a feast for the eyes.

Instagramsilverspies Juliette's gorgeous photos always stand out to me when scrolling through my Insta feed - cool-toned and minimalistic, and not at all over-edited, they remind me somewhat of seventeenth-century oil paintings. Seriously, this girl can make a bowl of granola look chic...

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