The Perfect Nude

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset I'm the kind of person who once I have an image of something that I want in my head, will stop at nothing until I own it. Weirdly enough, a lot of the time these desires are based purely upon my own imagination, which makes satisfying them rather difficult. Take last years hunt for a camel coat for example, I must have viewed hundreds before I found The One, and I'm still on the search for the perfect coral lipstick (five years and counting). A few months ago I was struck by yearnings for a nude nail polish - not too pink, not too grey - in my head I imagined it to be the colour of foundation in the bottle. My first port of call was of course Essie, a brand whose vast colour spectrum usually satisfies such lustings. No such luck however, Essie's nudes are all a little on the pink and pale side of things. After exhausting the drugstore I turned my attention to high-end offerings, where a few potentials (but no ideals) popped up. Note: I'm not fussy, just a perfectionist. Truly. Eventually, during a late night trawl of John Lewis' Beauty section I came across this Dior beauty. Dior are the Essie's of high-end nail polishes. Long-lasting, pigmented, and easy to apply, they may cost more than a Rimmel but they are sure as hell worth it. After Googling swatches (don't we all), I pressed order, and a few days later Grege landed on my doorstep. I couldn't have done a better job if I'd created the colour myself. Grege looks just like foundation in the bottle, not too beige/pink/grey - a perfect neutral without looking at all drab. This is an incredibly wearable colour which goes with just about anything, and leaves a shiny, shimmer-free finish. With a flat Essie-esque brush, the product applies beautifully (even the clumsiest of hands will be hard pressed to make a mess of a Dior nail lacquer). I apply two layers, with a base and top coat, and go chip-free for 5 whole days. Kudos to Dior, now to find that coral lipstick...

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