From Head To Toe

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset Us beauty bloggers (myself most definitely included) can often be guilty of focussing on certain areas of beauty and neglecting other (slightly less glamorous) aspects. E.g I can place a safe bet on the fact that there are probably at least 24995372 more lipstick than deodorant reviews out there. Agreed? In today's post I've avoided the beauty sinkholes of makeup and skincare, and focussed on the rest of the body instead. After all, skin is skin wherever it is so why place so much emphasis upon our faces?

Starting at the top. Haircare is something I've been trying to get more involved with lately in an attempt to find products that really work for my hair type (instead of using the bare minimum and buying whatever is on offer in Boots). I'm still trying and testing shampoos and conditioners, but am quite confident in the fact that I have found the hair treatment to suit my hair (I'm more than open for suggestions on this front though). Having long, thick, knot-prone hair with more than its fair share of split ends I'm all for the idea of using a deep conditioning treatment or mask on my hair. My fortnightly staple of late has been the Macadamia Deep Repair Masque, an intense, nourishing treatment packed with macadamia and argan oil, chamomile, and tea tree oil. I massage and comb this through the lengths of my hair post-shampooing, leaving on for around 15 minutes before rinsing out. It washes out really easily with zilch buildup, and leaves me with soft, silky smooth hair - this makes a difference after just one use.

Next up, SPF. I've been trying my utmost of late to live by the mantra 'SPF is for life, not just for summer', but seeing as it is summer, only time will tell on that one. Basically the rule is that if you're spending more than 15 minutes outside (even if its cloudy, and even if you're not actively sunbathing) then you should apply SPF (and FYI the SPF in your foundation doesn't count ladies). Obviously the point being that you'll protect your skin against long-term (lasting and ageing) skin damage as well as the reducing your risk of skin cancer. Now I have to admit that I haven't exactly been lathering my whole body in suncream every time I need to pop into town. But I always apply SPF under my foundation, and if I'm heading out for the day then I do apply to any exposed skin. The Dermalogica Protection 50 Sport SPF* is my current go-to as I can use it all over my body, including my face, without it causing any unwanted breakouts or shine. It sinks into my skin without leaving any greasiness or visible residue and sits perfectly under makeup. Five stars from me.

When it comes to keeping my limbs in tip-top condition I have three steps, exfoliate, hydrate, and moisturise. I never really used to bother with exfoliating my skin on a regular basis until I realised what a difference it makes (so freakin' smooth!). If I'm showering then I like to use an exfoliator such as Soap & Glory's The Breakfast Scrub. But lately I've been experimenting with dry body brushing (as painful as it sounds). This supposedly helps to increase circulation as well as slough away dead skin cells (similar brush here). Post-bathing/showering I immediately apply Aesop's Petitgrain Hydrating Body Gel* which locks in moisture without leaving skin greasy or tacky, and soothes any sore or irritated patches. I then apply a body lotion (current favourite: the Dead Sea Spa Magik Body Lotion) for an extra boost of moisture. This one is a lovely light lotion which disappears into the skin leaving nothing but a calm, relaxing odour and delightfully supple limbs.

Deodorant is the type of product which doesn't really crop up much in the beauty world despite being something that we use on a (hopefully) daily basis. I've avoided deodorants containing aluminium for the past few years (I know nothing is proven but I'd rather be on the safe side), and my latest try has been Aesop's Spray Deodorant*. With a warm herbal scent which may not be everyone's cup of tea (but most certainly grew on me), this product keeps you smelling fresh all day long. A combination of witch hazel, lavender, and cloves which to me smells decidedly minty, this is definitely apt for unisex use. I've gotten into the habit of using this on a daily basis and can't imagine not - its adorable bottle is a definite winner on the packaging front and a luxe upgrade from those ugly supermarket cans.

Finally, feet. I really hate feet, to the point where even painting my toenails is difficult. However if there's one thing that makes my feet feel that little bit more approachable, it's applying The Body Shop's Cooling Peppermint Foot Lotion. Now I don't have issues with foot odour/problems but I do like to play it safe, and applying this beautifully scented cooling lotion is a treat in itself. Come summer this is a daily essential in my routine and leaves my feet smooth, soft, and smelling like After Eight mints. Insert every heart-shaped Emoji here.

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