Worth The Splurge

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset I like to think that TGG provides a good balance of high-street and high-end products, catering for a variety of readers and providing both affordable and inspirational suggestions. This reflects my own personal buying habits - I love to have a good choice of affordable options but I also like to be aware and informed for future luxe and more aspirational purchases - products which (if I feel they’re worth it) I will save up to purchase. I can by no means afford to make big splurges on a regular basis, and as a beauty blogger I’m lucky in that I am occasionally sent products to try and review which are often not the kind of purchases I’d be able to make on a regular basis.

In terms of justification, we all have different ways of treating ourselves, and for me this sometimes means scrimping in some areas in order to save up for a larger purchase in another. I think that it’s very important to treat yourself every once in a while - I recently graduated with a First Class Honours after three years of late nights, stress, and a lot of hard work, so felt that it was only right to treat myself to something that I’d been lusting after (Tom Ford Lip Colour in Indian Rose, if you’re wondering). So if you’ve just aced that job interview/got that pay rise/met that deadline/passed that exam, and you’re feeling spendy then here’s some inspiration. And if you’ve already spent your pennies? Leave your browser open at this page and hope that someone takes the (not so) subtle hint…

Chanel Rouge Coco Hydrating Creme Lip Colours The formula of Chanel’s lipsticks always comes out tops (for me at least). Pigmented, long-lasting, and with an impeccable colour range (which makes decisions very hard) Rouge Coco is one of my personal favourites. Aside from that, the chic packaging, heavy metal casing, and that click, made this first in my ‘worth the splurge’ list. Because in my opinion, every girl should own a Chanel lipstick.

Tom Ford Lip Colours Mr Ford knows what his customers like and his lipstick collection provides no exception (I’ve mentioned these beauties so much of late that I’m beginning to run risk of repeating myself). The darling of the European fashion scene launched his beauty collection in 2004 amid rave reviews which, ten years later, are sung just as loud. With a smooth, creamy formula which blends beautifully into the lips and lasts all day long, these lipsticks are the ultimate treat. All you need is the excuse…

Eve Lom Rescue Mask* Your new secret weapon against dull and congested skin comes in the form of a thick, grey, yogurt-like formula, concealed within a sleek white pot. Eve Lom’s cult mask is highly acclaimed within the beauty world and holds numerous awards for its instantly decongesting prowess. Cleanse, exfoliate, and brighten your way to a radiant complexion with an unparallelled blend of skincare buzzwords. Ideal for just about any skincare ailment, this mask will have your skin back on track after just one use.

Oribe Dry Finishing Spray* You’d be forgiven for thinking that an intensive volume inducing spray that doesn’t leave hair stiff and tacky is a thing of dreams. Try the latest from Oribe and think again. This spray leaves hair full of volume, whilst maintaining a loose, soft, and natural look which lasts all day long. Such tangible results from a single bottle of spray may seem impossible but Oribe’s dreamily scented formula will prove cynics wrong.

Chanel No5 Body Lotion This ultimate luxury is my go-to pick me up ahead of (or after) a particularly taxing day. There's no scent quite like No 5 and this rich, soothing lotion captures its opulence exquisitely. Neither the scent nor consistency are too heavy and the lotion leaves absolutely no oiliness or residue on the skin. The scent lingers for hours without being obtrusive (and is an A+++ compliment magnet). I'll never be without a bottle.

Dior Nail Lacquers Those wanting results from their nail polish thick and fast should look no further than Dior, whose formula is widely hailed the best of the high-end brands (sorry Chanel). Pigmented, long-lasting, fast drying, and available in a plethora of dreamy shades, Dior has created a winning product for a one-stop luxe nail polish experience.

Byredo Roll-On Oils* Like most Nordic beauty brands, Stockholm based fragrance house Byredo balances great packaging design with a great product formula, creating perfumes which are true sensory delights. Founded by Fine Arts graduate Ben Gorham, Byredo’s sleek glass vials and multi-layered fragrances could (and are) easily described as works of art by beauty editors worldwide. My personal favourite? Bullion, a heady combination of pink pepper, black plum, and sandalwood, just perfect for summer nights.

Aesop Parsley Seed Cleansing Masque The gem in Aesop’s Parsley Seed collection is the brand’s most well-known product (in the skincare world at least). Deeply cleansing, soothing, and hydrating, this mask is sure to feature highly on any skincare obsessive’s wish-list, and is well worthy of a place. I’ve used mine at least every other week since I bought it just after Christmas and it still looks barely used. £27 may be a lot to splash out all at once, but in the long run a tube of this wonder product will give you more for your money than buying a cheaper mask once a fortnight ever will.

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