Organic Beauty Week

Whilst we're all oh so familiar with the concept and existence of organic food - when it comes to organic beauty, I'd hazard a guess as to say that we're not quite as 'in the know'...

Our skin is our largest organ, and absorbs 80% of what we put on it. SO as we're all being super fussy over ensuring that we fill our bodies with only the best organic eggs/kale/blueberries/granola etc., we really should be being equally as careful when selecting the lotions and potions which we lather upon our faces day and night.

I'll be the first to admit that it would be VERY hard to give up certain non-organic beauty products and adopt an entirely organic skincare routine. However, with the help of luxe AND organic brands such as The Organic Pharmacy, Antipodes, and Neal's Yard, it's becoming increasingly easier to incorporate more organic elements into our routines. Organic beauty is in no way less effective than it's synthetic chemical counterpart, and is actually recommended as the safer option for those with allergies or sensitive skin. Plus, it's WAAAY better for the environment. Win, win.

In order to celebrate Organic Beauty Week in true TGG style, today's post is a round up of the best of the best of organic beauty, tried, tested, and compiled by moi for the benefit of tu - enjoy!

The Organic Pharmacy Founded by Margo Marrone, a pharmacist specialising in nutrition and herbal medicine, The Organic Pharmacy uses high tech natural extracts and pharmaceutical grade ingredients to ensure the purest quality and most precise dosage. Every product is hand formulated in the brand's London factory and aims to restore balance to the skin in the most natural but effective way possible. Hero product: Herbal Toner - this sharply scented toner brightens and energises the skin with a complex blend of 18 organic herbs which help to smooth and tone in preparation for the application of moisturiser. It also does a darn good job of minimising pores. See also: Tan Accelerator, Carrot Butter Cleanser, Honey & Jasmine Mask.

Dead Sea Spa Magik Although not a wholly organic brand, DSSM uses certified organic extracts within its products, which are also paraben free. The range is formulated around the concept of 'healing through water', and is enriched with Dead Sea minerals to heal even the most troublesome skin conditions in the most gentle, potent way possible. Hero product: Gentle Cleansing Face Wash - This 'does what it says on the tin' product cleanses the skin thoroughly but without leaving it feeling tight or stripped. It's uber gentle and packed with natural moisturisers which leave skin smooth, soft, and nourished. See also: Spot On GelDelicate Boosting Mask.

Antipodes One of my all-time favourite skincare brands, NZ based Antipodes are something of a wonder brand within the beauty world. Their products are not only certified organic, but also vegetarian approved, 100% natural, and packaged in recyclable bottles and tubes. Every product is carefully formulated with raw ingredients and plant extracts, and undergoes rigorous scientific tests to ensure results. Hero product: Rejoice Light Facial Day Cream - A luxurious moisturiser, formulated to boost hydration and find balance for combination to oily skin. This light, non-greasy cream contains avocado and manuka flower oils to nourish, heal, and rejuvenate the skin. Purse friendly and prefect for everyday use. See also: Aura Manuka Honey MaskGrace Gentle Cream Cleanser, Divine Face Oil.

Trilogy Another NZ based brand, Trilogy's entire range is based around one VIP ingredient, rosehip oil - scientifically proven to correct the appearance of fine lines, scars, and stretch marks, as well as provide an intensive moisture boost. The products are formulated from simple blends of natural oils and botanical extracts which work to restore hydration and radiance to even the most dehydrated skin. Hero product: Rosehip Oil - The brand's signature ingredient is available to purchase in its purest form, ideal for massaging onto particularly dry or scarred areas of skin. This oil has been part of my nightly skicnare routine for over a year now. A total desert island must-have. See also: Everything Balm, Replenishing Night Cream.

One Love With a philosophy based around family ideals of love, happiness, and health, One Love offers a simple, one-step approach to beauty, avoiding marketing hype and presenting a range of 'less is more' products guaranteed to keep your skin and hair radiant all day long. The one to watch if you prefer to embrace a minimal skincare routine. Hero productSkin Saviour Beauty Balm - Meet your new travel bag essential. An all-round beauty extraordinaire, this mango-scented balm is as effective as a makeup remover and moisturiser, as it is as a primer, lip-balm, and hair treatment. Rich, soft, and buttery - the perfect antidote to dry skin. See also: Easy Does It Foaming Cleanser, Gardenia Body Serum

Móa With just one product to it's name (as of yet, watch this space), Móa is another 100% natural, organic, vegetarian approved brand seeking to make the beauty world a cleaner, greener place. Hero product: Daily Cleansing Ritual - The epitome of a 'do it all' product, it would probably be easier to list what Móa's balm can't be used for because the answer would be...nothing. Thick and buttery, the balm can be applied to dry skin and chapped lips, gargled to soothe a sore throat, layered on burns, blisters, and scars, and used to heal cuts and to soothe bites. I personally love to use it as a hot cloth cleanser, but have recently taken to using it to nourish my nails and the dry ends of my hair.

Some other brands which make use of organic ingredients and are worth checking out: Lush, Neal's Yard, The Body Shop, Boots Botanics, Aesop.

What are your organic beauty recommendations??

G x

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