The Bespoke Soak

It's time to luxe up your bath time regime, and all you're gonna need is just one little jar of wonder (see above).

Read on for details (and a lil' something from me to you)...

The Bathory is a relatively new and rather niche company - but a luxe one at that. Its premise? The best bath of your life - as provided in the form of a custom made bath soak. Customisation is a bit of a trend this season - especially in the fashion world, where anything from Prada handbags to those Burberry capes can be monogrammed to your (narcissistic) heart's content. Now I'm a sucker for ANYTHING that can be given a personal twist, so when The Bathory offered me the chance to create a bespoke soak, how could I decline??

The first step allows you to don your Master Alchemist hats and select a salt mix for your soak. Choose between Bask (rich and luxurious mineral salts), Soothe (oatmeal, honey, and calming buttermilk), and Detox (Epson salts and deep cleansing Rhassoul clay). It's a tough one, I know...

I eventually opted for Bask - containing Epsom, Himalayan, and Dead Sea salts, it promises to ease stress and improve sleep, as well as soothe aching limbs and remove toxins. Round of applause already.

Step Two involves selecting three essential oils to add to your soak. There are ten to choose from, and again, it's not easy. I must have gone through at least 264839 different combinations before settling for a blend of chamomile, sandalwood, and lavender. The first two in homage to my favourite Cowshed range (Lazy Cow) - and lavender because well, who doesn't love a dose of nature's ultimate relaxer?? If you're a bit of an essentials oils newbie then there are lots of helpful tools to aid your choice. Each oil has a mini bio describing its scent and properties, as well as a list of oils which it compliments.

Once you've made your choice, hit order and your soak will be winging its way to you for delivery in less than 48 hours.


Now, let's discuss the packaging. I mean, talk about deal breaker... This sturdy brown glass vial is all things luxe, and post-use can be used as a vase, or to store pens or makeup brushes in (could this be the new Diptyque candle jar??). It's sturdy, practical, and oh so aesthetically pleasing (#shelfie alert). So let's face it, anything encased in something so chic is SURE to be a winner - and in this case, the contents do not disappoint AT ALL.

For my first soak I used 25% of the jar (recommended by The Bathory for 'a quick fix') - I found that this filled the air with a delicate aroma which made for a relaxing (albeit brief) bath. Quick fix is definitely the phrase best used here. Perfect if you have 15 mins spare to rejuvenate post-work and pre-cocktails. 50% however was much more of an indulgent treat, and left my bathroom smelling like a spa for hours (always a plus).

My feelings? Put quite simply, MAJOR love - this has fast become an utter essential in my bathing routine.

Best used: on Sunday night, for A+++ 'Monday morning grogginess' prevention.

Head on over to to order your soak now, and use the TGG exclusive code (GRACE15)* to earn yourself a well-deserved 15% off the best bath of your life.

I can't wait to hear which amazing combinations you choose, keep me posted!

G x

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*Valid until 3/10/14

Experience (very kindly) provided by the lovely Brandi at The Bathory.