Weekend Ritual #1

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Today marks my first weekend waking up as a permanent resident Mancunion! Cue, all kinds of excitement as I relish the opportunities of a big big city being right on my doorstep.

First stop? Why, brunch of course.

Danny and I have spent the past few weeks settling into our new apartment (i.e. several trips to IKEA). It's in a huge, old Victorian warehouse and has a dreamy new kitchen, big tall ceilings, massive windows which fill the place with light, and (drumroll) a BATH. After three years of uni accommodation? Heaven.

After graduating last summer my next big adventure is about to begin and I am VERY excited to share it with you. As of next week I'll be spending the next two years as a post-grad student at a university which I am absolutely 100% in love with, and studying a subject which I am incredibly passionate about. On top of this, I'll be continuing working as a part-time beauty girl, and trying to get as much from the experience of living in Britain's second city as I can!

As you can imagine, I'll be busy busy busy, which does means some changes for TGG...

I've been spoilt with a long, lazy summer away from uni - which has allowed me to pour my heart and soul into blogging - but as of next week all concept of 'free-time' is going to change. Fear not, TGG isn't going anywhere, and I don't really have anything to gauge my upcoming workload by (as of yet) but for the time being I'll be changing my content a tad. There will still be four posts a week (for now). Three during the week which will continue all of my usual beauty related babble (along with the usual addition of fashion, foodie, and lifestyle features etc.), and one at the weekend, which will constitute a weekly series with a bit of a difference...

And I fully expect you ALL to keep me posted on your weekend exploits!

In the meantime, here's the first WEEKEND RITUAL reading list... + Further proof that Sarah Jessica Parker IS Carrie Bradshaw, from Stylist magazine. ++ Thisvery interesting critique re. the recent evidence which arose regarding Jack the Ripper (FYI it's a load of rubbish, never trust the Daily Mail). +++ Standing ovation to whoever thought up this marketing stunt for the Gone Girl movie. ++++ A must read for anyone interested in history and/or education. +++++ Anyone else a sucker for a Victoria Beckham interview? Yup, me too. I LOVEDthis recent one in The Guardian. ++++++ And if you haven't yet seen Anna Wintour confess her fear of spiders, click here.

G x

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