Stop Then Shop: Dr Bronner

An organic beauty brand with good ethics, natural scents, and packaging that would look right at home in a C19th pharmacy was always going to be a favourite of mine. With a range of body care, hair care, lip balms, and soaps, Dr Bronner remains true to its roots as a small family business, and produces products without the faff. Minimal ingredients lists, recyclable packaging, and high quality, multi-use products which make your life that little bit simpler. Meet my favourites...

First up, Lavender Bar Soap*. Lavender. Need I say more? Nature's ultimate relaxer is the PERFECT antidote to a a stressed out mind, and something I always like to have in my bathroom in one form or another. This rich, creamy blend of coconut, olive and jojoba oil, enriched with Vitamin E and organic lavender is guaranteed to soothe the body, inside and out. And when the packaging is that pretty, it would be rude to say no, right?

If you dream of a simple, streamlined bathroom stash then picture this... a product which can be used as shampoo, laundry detergent, body wash, makeup brush cleanser, face wash, household cleaner. Sounds impossible right? Meet Dr Bronner's Almond Liquid Soap* and watch your plans for a minimal bathing/cleaning routine fall into place.

Those of you prefer products with complex, all-natural scents (as opposed to sickly sweet and synthetic) with find that Dr Bronner have all of your body lotion/hand cream needs nailed in the form of the Patchouli & Lime Hand and Body Lotion. I have to say the scent is VERY Cowshed/Aesop-esque - refreshing but not sharp, comforting but not dull. The consistency itself is very light and milky, a little goes a long way and is absorbed within minutes. And really it goes without saying, bottles > tubes.

That baby blue bottle of Baby Mild Liquid Soap is the one you've most definitely seen/heard of before - namely for its prowess as a makeup brush cleaner. I've used a number of similar products for said purpose but none excel quite so well as this does. The formula (a blend of four organic oils) nails the perfect balance between providing a thorough cleanse but still being really mild and gentle. It breaks down build-up really quickly but without leaving any residue or unwanted odour.

Are there any other Dr Bronner lovers out there??

G x

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*PR sample