Weekend Ritual #3

Rise and shine sleepy heads!

The weekend (ritual) is well and truly underway and I hope that you are all spending it IN STYLE (e.g. a gigantic brunch, long walks, and bubble baths GALORE).

Today's post come to you all the way from York! Danny surprised me with a weekend excursion to celebrate our anniversary, and we are having the loveliest (and laziest) of times. I haven't visited for YEARS so have enjoyed rekindling fond childhood memories of the city, as well as making lots of new ones (spotting Emma Thompson in Betty's is already a highlight!) Danny has been snap-happy with his new iPhone camera so photos/details will follow in next week's post!

Last week involved a love affair with my desk - read: lots of blogging and writing and planning and reading. I had the first lecture of my MA on Wednesday which got me SUPER excited to be back studying, and I whiled away a few hours in the library before staggering home with my arms full of books. My mind is already buzzing full of ideas for my thesis so I'm keen to get swotting asap.

The winter chill has finally hit Manchester after a deliciously balmy few weeks, and I am RELISHING the chance to leave the house decked in the cosiest of knitwear, opaque tights, and (of course) my new coat(!!). With the nights drawing in colder and quicker, rain lashing against the windows, and the ground already a patchwork of auburn leaves, autumn has definitely arrived and affords celebration.

So here's the FALL FEST checklist you've ALL been waiting for.

Trench coat - check! An oxblood nail (Essie Lady Godiva is my fave) - check! Blanket/scarf (you can always rely on Zara) - check! Autumn fragrance (i.e. Jo Malone Blackberry & Bay) - check! MAC Plumful - check! Opaque tights - check (x4827483)! Hand cream/lip balm (in every bag) - check! check! Pumpkin spice latte - check! Umbrella - check! Cosy knits x1000 - check!

Did I miss anything?

+ Emma Watson's speech at the UN has been all over social media this week but if you haven't already watched it, DO SO. My thoughts? FINALLY! ++ For a hefty dose of LFW nostalgia, check out Kate's backstage beauty roundup. Her gorgeous photos (think Pinterest on steroids) and concise notes will have your SS15 beauty look sorted in seconds. +++ If you (like me) have been lusting after Burberry's blanket capes since the A/W shows then Stylist have VERY helpfully compiled a list of the worthiest high-street dupes. ++++ This fantastic interview with Sali Hughes got me super excited for her new book, Pretty Honest (out now) and 100% sums up my own thoughts on beauty/writing/skincare/makeup, etc. +++++ Chanel lovers? Watch (this) and SWOON.

I hope you're all having wonderfully lazy weekends!

G x

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