A Radiance Renewal

No product has stronger claim to the accolade 'head to toe product' than a dry oil. Quicker to use and more moisturising than your average body lotion, they can also be used in place of hair masks, facial oil, shaving cream, cuticle balm, body spray, and even makeup remover. Whilst I'm certainly not advocating wiping out your entire beauty routine and replacing it with a single bottle of body oil, if you're a busy gal (and aren't we all) then I can heartily recommend that one of the below makes it onto your beauty wishlist this month.

The Glow-Getter Nars' Body Glow* is ideal for soothing and moisturising sun-parched skin, as well as for maintaining a natural tan, and ensuring a truly radiant glow. It has a subtle coconut/chocolate fragrance which lingers pleasantly for days after use, and is best applied to damp skin for optimal hydration and a sun-kissed sheen - bona fide sumer vibes. This was my post-bath indulgence of choice all summer long and I can't see myself relinquishing it to the winter chill anytime soon. Liquid gold for the body - THIS (and not the sun beds) is the secret to everlasting summer skin.

The Sunday Essential I consider this sleek glass vial to be the heart and soul of my Sunday beauty routine. Aromatherapy Associates' Deep Relax Oil*  is the ultimate relaxer - a complex and instantly calming blend of vetiver, sandalwood, and chamomile (the latter two, my go-to relaxers). A capful added to the bath or massaged over aching limbs is the perfect antidote to a stressful week. I prefer the former (and have never used it in the shower as suggested) but this really is an A+++ dry body oil - especially if you're in a rush (or simply eager to be in your pyjamas/bed) - it sinks into the skin straight away, leaving no residue or greasiness whatsoever, but the scent will linger with you until sunrise.

The One-Stop-Wonder Ever since I started using oil to shave my legs (it's life changing, ladies!), The Body Shop's Radiant Wild Argan Oil has (alongside my trusty Gilette Venus razor) been my weapon of choice. Light enough for shaving but with a rich, extremely moisturising formula, this leaves my limbs silky smooth and instantly hydrated. It gives a light, satiny finish which does linger, but is 100% non-sticky and smells like summer. I also like to apply this to the ends of my hair post-washing and pre-drying - it's incredibly nourishing and will give an added boost of shine to even the dullest of locks.

The Luxe Pick Spritz on Roger & Gallet's Fleur de Figuier Ultra-Nourishing Oil* and you'll find yourself wondering whether you picked up a bottle of perfume by mistake. Not only does this oil smell HEAVENLY but it has an incredibly lightweight consistency and applies as a very fine spray. This avoids all of the woes of dealing with greasy hands, and means that if you're a REALLY lazy bear, you can probably get away with not massaging it in at all.

Which body oils do you reach for post-bath/shower??

G x

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*PR sample