Stop Then Shop: Bumble & bumble

Whilst skincare will always be my 'thing', in recent months I've been making a conscious effort to show the same amount of care, dedication, and interest to the products I use on my hair. Like our skin, we have our hair for life and when things go wrong it doesn't look good - so we really ought to show it more TLC, non?

A standout brand for me (and I would imagine for most beauty/haircare enthusiasts) is Bumble & bumble. Their products cater for the nichest of haircare demands and present something for everyone, accompanied by chic packaging and an ethos of FUN. Founded in New York in the Seventies, the brand are now a backstage favourite at fashion week, beloved of stylists and models alike, and (after years of US exclusivity) are now available to the masses via the aisles of Boots.

Pinterest-worthy hair is yours for the taking, and here are some of my stand-out favourites.

Let It Shine Shampoo* & Conditioner* Proof that my love of glow-inducing products is not just limited to my makeup and skincare choices. This dazzling duo adds shine, softness, and moisture to even the driest and coarsest of hair. Mine has neither of these attributes, but (being a slave to my hairdryer) I live in fear of both so I always look for products with a high glycerin count.

Surf Spray If you only know Bumble for one product then I can guarantee that it's this one. I was sourcing Surf Spray from the US before the brand had even crossed the Atlantic - it's the only product guaranteed to add curl, volume, and texture to my poker straight hair without causing it to go limp or frizzy. Before you spend a fortune testing multiple drugstore alternatives, splash your cash on this gem instead for guaranteed results.

Prep Spray Pair this with the above for maximum results and increased last, or indeed with ANY styling product that you want to get maximum results from. If you find that styling products leave your hair coarse or dry then this will add a boost of shine and softness, protecting your hair as well as reactivating previously (or consequently) applied products.

Cityswept Finishing Spray* This is probably the only Bumble product I've tried that DOESN'T smell heavenly. It honestly smells like a guys deodorant - something I cannot get my head round. Bumble, what were you thinking?? It's effects however are worth smelling like a teen Lynx fan for. I use this to add a subtle definition to my hair when I'm in too much of a rush to style it or even shove it up into a messy bun (my default when indecision kicks in). Hold up separate pieces of the length of your hair and spritz this through them, then ruffle for a defined and separated style. Unlike most finishing sprays this doesn't leave any stiffness of tackiness WHATSOEVER - perfect for a gal who doesn't have the time or inclination for a daily hair wash.

If you're a fan of Bumble then what are your favourite products?

G x

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*PR sample