Weekend Ritual #6

Today's WEEKEND RITUAL is a bumper beauty edition feat. all of the paraphernalia essential to a day of zen.

It's time to zone into the weekend in true TGG style...

I'll be starting my day off with a long laze under the duvet. I have a stack of magazines to delve into so I plan on whiling away a few hours with my head in a cloud of beauty and fashion. There will be strong coffee and fresh figs to hand, and a (MUJI dupe) Feu de Bois candle burning. If only every morning began this way.

Sunday's laze will continue in one of my favourite Northern Quarter coffee shops (via Selfridges' beauty hall) over a GIGANTIC cappuccino and some form of chocolate cake. After a busy week like this one I have some hardcore blogging to do, but truly, nothing relaxes me quite like writing.

Danny and I always like to cook up a feast on Sundays and today we're planning on one of our favourites, Gizzi Erskine's pork & chorizo meatballs. The remaining portion of today's zen-genda will commence in my bathroom (no calls between 6-8 please). Whilst dinner's cooking, my bath will be filled to the brim with bubbles, and I'll deploy every candle I can get my hands on in OPERATION ZEN.

Today's luxe list looks something like this:

Dead Sea Spa Magik Salt Brushing Scrub Sachajuan Overnight Hair Repair Lush Butterbear Bath Bomb (or is he just TOO cute to use??) RMK Cleansing Balm + face massage c/o Lisa Eldridge Sisley Radiant Glow Express Mask Cowshed Lazy Cow Body Lotion Aesop Mandarin Facial Hydrating Cream Essie Good As Gold

I've spent most of my spare time over the past few weeks with my head buried in books. Namely two - Lena Dunham's Not That Kind of Girl, and Sali Hughes' Pretty Honest. Whilst I wholeheartedly recommend both, I can safely say that Pretty Honest is the best book I've read this year. Essentially an advice manual for the female body (minus the patronising tone, and plus HEAPS of wit, humour, and TRULY helpful tips), it contains all of the details re. beauty that every girl needs to know. From the application of red lipstick to the how to's of removing ingrown hairs, Sali breaks down beauty myths and reveals insider tricks - nothing is left out. With a warm, honest, relatable tone, Sali draws attention to the modern movement of embracing beauty (one which I am forever trying to put across in my own writing)  - that a love of beauty does not indicate narcism or unintelligence, and that (in her words) "it's perfectly normal to be a woman who paints her nails while shouting at Question Time". I don't often urge my readers to purchase, but today is an exception - buy it.

And now, some reading suggestions to accompany YOUR Sunday beauty ritual...

+ Rebecca's post on body image was an incredibly relatable read. As someone who has constantly had to deal with negative comments and assumptions regarding my weight (often from medical professionals) I think it's very important to discuss and shed light upon the recent rise of "skinny-shaming" and the skewed notion of "real women" which seems to be circulating social media. ++ If you're thinking as far ahead as December 25th then Kate's luxe candle roundup is sure-fire Christmas wishlist inspiration. +++ Chanel + Baz Luhrman + Gisele = the perfect short movie. Here's the proof. ++++ Stylist brought us booklovers this very insightful infographic detailing how long it takes to read the world's longest books (helpful if you're picking out holiday reads)! +++++ And if you fancy giving your pumpkins a FASH-UN twist this year - here's your inspo c/o Domaine.

Now, spill the beans on YOUR Sunday plans!

G x

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