V is for Volume

Volume is BIG (in more ways than one) in the beauty world these days. Every brand from the drugstore basics to our luxe high-end favourites offer a range of volume inducing products. Now, we all love being spoilt for choice, but we also want to cut to the chase, find the products that work of us, and settle down to live happily ever after with them - voluminous waves abound. However, us volume-lovers are PICKY, so when it comes to creating stand-out formulas, brands are pushed to be innovative and create products which will earn our allegiance for the rest of our days.

Your eternal search for those holy grail products which add (and maintain) bounce, vitality, and oomph in the heaviest, straightest, and limpest of locks ends, right here.

Lee Stafford Silky Smoother Brush Armed with my trusty Tangle Teezer and a fine-toothed comb, I never used to understand the point of a round-brush. My past experience had proved both painful and pointless, but I recently caved (all in the name of volume of course) and haven't blow-dried my hair without this since. I usually introduce it mid-blow dry, when my hair is about 70% dry and knot-free (a must), and use this to gently roll through the underside of my hair whilst angling my hairdryer down from above. It's a workout for sure, but well-worth it.

Aussie Aussome Volume Leave-in-Conditioner When it comes to leave-in-conditioners, Aussie have the edge over the other drugstore brands by a mile. I adore the entirety of their Aussome Volume range, but this is definitely the stand-out product for me. It's incredibly light, smells amazing, and gives hair an injection of volume along with heaps of softness, which provides a long-lasting 'lighter than air' sensation.

Sachajuan Volume Cream* Possibly my favourite smelling product in the whole entire world (this is the ultimate compliment magnet if you have long swishy hair), this cream has hair-plumping abilities x1000000, and gives fullness and shape to even the finest and flattest of hair types. I use this pre-blow dry as it also provides heat protection, and aids my curlers in creating the perfect loose waves.

L'Oreal Elvive Fibrology Thickening Shampoo & Conditioner My favourite range of thickening shampoo and conditioner is (thankfully) an affordable one, and I stock up on these whenever they're on offer. I never used to pay much attention to the "scientific breakthroughs" which supposedly make these products work (in this case an ingredient called filloxane, which expands the diameter of each individual hair), but as far as these two products are concerned, I'm convinced. Both give volume, body, and softness to my hair which lasts WAY beyond that initial post-blow dry bounciness, adds lift to the roots, and (on top of all that) keeps my hair beautifully clean and without an ounce of build-up.

Vidal Sassoon Infra Radiance Curler* Having long, thick, and naturally straight hair I've never really given much time to styling tools, and what experience I've had had proven it very difficult (read: impossible) to get a curl into my hair. That is until this gadget landed upon my doorstep. It's incredibly easy to use, and whilst I don't really have the time or patience to give myself a head full of ringlets, it does create the perfect loose, voluminous waves (within the space of around 20-30 minutes), with natural body and not an ounce of static or frizz (I've also read that this new trend for infra-red technology within styling products is a lot kinder to hair). Real life no-fuss volume, ladies.

Oribe Volumista Mist* I normally avoid applying products to my roots as this almost certainly renders my hair looking and feeling greasy twice as fast as normal, and (as an any volume-seeker knows) long-term build-up of product is an enemy to weightless locks. This is my one exception. A fine mist which gives lift to the roots without weighing down hair is not a product easily found (and guaranteed this doesn't come cheap), but aside from the price-tag, this ticks every box and won holy grail status in my book from day one.

What are your favourite volume inducing products?

G x

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*PR sample