Weekend Ritual #8


Rise and shine sleepy-heads, Sunday is (finally) here!

It's been another busy week, jam-packed with essay-writing, long-shifts at work, and frantic beauty testing/writing in between, and I am more than ready for a day of FUN + LAZE.

Today is set to be a coffee-fest. LITERALLY. Cup North has finally arrived in Manchester, and I am SO psyched for a day of coffee sampling (especially after a week of 6am starts). I'm hoping that cake will be involved somehow (if not I will find some), because all I can think about right now is consuming something supersize and chocolatey. Later on we're planning on heading to the Sensory War exhibition at Manchester Art Gallery (via a quick mooch around the Northern Quarter). There's something about city living that makes you want to spend every spare moment exploring. No matter how tired you are.

I'll be keeping my usual Sunday skincare ritual to a minimum, as my skin has already had it's fair share of indulgence this week. Friday's post-work antics involved an afternoon of FULL-ON pampering at the hands of a professional.

Tradition (in my family at least) dictates that the weekend after Halloween is spent compiling the first (of many) Christmas list drafts. You'll no doubt see the finished product on here VERY soon. But for now I'll suffice to say that Charlotte Tilbury, & Other Stories, Chanel, Whistles, and Zara are going to feature prominently on The List this year. Speaking of Whistles, has anyone else culminated a stack of ELLE's, and white paper bags under their bed this month??

+ Over on ALO, Jen brought us this super interesting piece on the many faces of H&M - a must-read if you (think you) know your fashion. + + I recently discovered Monikh's blog and am obsessed. As a Topshop Personal Shopper by trade, it's no wonder she's so well-dressed - I adore her chic, minimalistic outfit combinations (and avidly admire her ability to forgo tights in October). + + + I love the idea that no matter how many products you use, makeup doesn't have to be uber obvious and over the top, and to me, the epitome of truly skilful makeup artistry is a face which looks like max. 2 products were involved, when in reality it was at least 10. See here for inspiration. + + + + I've had Lykke Li's latest album I Never Learn on repeat for the past few months, so it well deserves a mention on here. Gunshot is a personal favourite. + + + + + Ballerina beauty is a look I am 100% in favour of - it's pretty, classic, quick, and easy - perfect for work or everyday, and adds instant elegance to any look. Vogue brought us a roundup of the season's best ballerina beauty inspiration.

 What are you all getting up to this weekend?

G x

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