WEEKEND RITUAL #15 : Gløgg Overload

We've reached the zenith of the festive season, at last!

HOORAY, and happy Sunday to each and every one of you.

After an action packed week spent deep within the pre-Christmas retail world (from both sides of the counter), the gift-list is finally complete! The next few days have festivities and relaxation (and absolutely nothing else) on the cards. I'm travelling home to Wales tomorrow to spend a few blissfully peaceful days with my family (cue : great excitement at the prospect of home-cooked dinners, a roaring log fire, and cuddles with my puppy), because all you need at this time of year is family and food and FUN.

As much as I adore city living, a few days surrounded by fresh air and fields is going to go down a treat.

Today Danny and I are off to say farewell to Manchester's Christmas markets (until next year!), by indulging in some gløgg and those mini Dutch pancakes. There will no doubt be some last-minute gift-buying on the cards, and perhaps a few post-payday indulgences on my behalf...

Wishing you all a happy weekend and a VERY MERRY Christmas!

G x

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