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Back in the autumn I headed to my local Sisley counter for a luxe facial (details here) at the hands of one of their expert facialists. I was as impressed as I had anticipated (after all Sisley are renowned for the high quality and expertise of their treatments and products) and have since incorporated a few of the brand's products into my daily routine. The products below were all personalised recommendations from the facialist who treated me, so if you have sensitive combination skin, and are prone to redness and blemishes, then the below is a skincare menu worth paying attention to.

Confort Extreme Day Cream* This winter skincare hero is the ultimate luxe indulgence for dry, flakey, and dehydrated skin. Its thick, creamy texture provides an instant replenishment of moisture and leaves my skin feeling nourished and softened after just one application. My go-to day cream in the winter months, this is ideal for anyone with a sensitive or redness-prone complexion - it's incredibly soothing and will instantly comfort tight, itchy skin.

Radiant Glow Express Mask* If you want a product which (at any cost) will 100% work and do exactly what it says on the tube, then Sisley's masks are a surefire way to address your skin's needs. This deeply cleansing mask has a noticeably brightening effect upon the skin - perfect for providing an extra glow before a big event or if you're planning on going makeup free. I usually apply it when my skin is relatively clear but looking a little dull or red as it's guaranteed to soothe and refresh a stressed complexion.

Botanical D-Tox Detoxifying Night Treatment* Designed as a 30 day overnight treatment to combat signs of stress and fatigue, this bestseller improves cell renewal and strengthens the skin's defences. I've been applying this light, moisturising serum every night for the past month and have seen huge results. Compared to its appearance a month ago, my complexion is significantly clearer and calmer, and the inflammation and blemish scars which I suffer from have noticeably reduced in appearance. Restorative and preventative, this is good skincare as desired.

Ecological Compound* Another of Sisley's bestsellers, this multi-use moisture treatment can be used day and night, providing hydration whilst toning and balancing, and leaving the skin feeling smooth and supple. Texture-wise it's more lotion/milk than cream so a little goes a long way and is easily absorbed. It has a light floral scent but is incredibly non-irritant, and if anything has really helped to calm my breakout prone areas. It's also a perfect makeup base, especially when paired with...

Tropical Resins Complex* If you find primers hard to wear then a clear gel such as this one will provide the smooth base needed to apply and maintain a face full of makeup with a prowess like no other. Soothing and non-irritating, the lightweight solution tones and softens the skin - instantly absorbing excess sebum and mattifying without reducing moisture levels. Ideal if you have oily/combination skin or are prone to a shiny T-zone.

 What are your Sisley favourites?

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*PR sample