I hope that you all had a PERFECTLY wonderful Christmas with friends & family, and that Mr Claus spoilt you all rotten (based on what appeared in my stocking on Christmas Day morning, it's apparent that Santa is a fervent reader of TGG)!

I spent my Christmas break surrounded by fields and hills - five days filled with long walks, board games, and nibbles/bubbles was all I needed to recuperate after an exhausting few weeks in the city. After four months of concrete jungle, there's something extremely refreshing about being surrounded by so much GREENERY. Who needs a spa retreat??

Today Danny and I are celebrating a second Christmas - opening our presents from each other, and tucking into a roast. Christmas, take two.

I adore this time of year - the limbo between Christmas and New Year where the only thing on the cards is relaxation. The big day may be over but we still have the excitement of the New Year to look forward to (cue : panic over restocking the fridge - bring in the bubbles!)

Whatever's on your agenda this week, may you have the best one!

See you all in the NEW YEAR!

G x

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