2014 in Beauty

Today's end of the year roundup comes to you with a difference - motivational quotes are not to be found for today's agenda is explicitly for all things beauty. I'm sharing the skin/hair/bodycare/makeup lessons I've experienced during 2014, and I'd love to know yours.

SKINCARE My skin has really changed its tune within the past year - it’s gone from being combination/oily and incredibly blemish prone to reaching a much more normal and balanced state, but with inflammation and scarring the ailments most in need of addressing. I’ve had the fortune to try out lots of new skincare this year and there have been some real gems (namely Aesop, Verso, Radical, Sisley). I don’t tend to dwell on the negative which is why you won’t find many negative reviews here on TGG, but in general I’m picky enough (and rarely use anything which I haven’t thoroughly researched first) that it’s been a long long time since I used a product my skin didn't agree with. This year I’ve learnt the importance of a consistent routine, that less is more, and that my skin is much more sensitive than I previously believed. As a result, in recent months I’ve narrowed my daily routine down to a select group of products which I 100% trust, and I’ve set myself the goal of using them (and only them) for at least three months, (going strong).

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MAKEUP 2014’s makeup has been all about the glow, so my makeup picks have all aided pursuit of a radiant and luminous complexion. After banishing memories of my teen glitter dust disasters I’ve delved into the world of eyeshadow and now relish experimenting with new products, colours, and techniques. I’ve learnt the importance of using good brushes, high-quality shadows, and that blending is key. Brand-wise I’ve learnt to look beyond the bestsellers (there’s more to MAC than lipstick), and have found some lifelong favourites from the likes of Nars, Eve Lom, No7 and Chanel. It’s safe to say that a dewy base, plenty of highlight, a wash of metallic eyeshadow, and lashings of mascara has fast become the signature look which will see me into 2015.

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HAIR For the majority of the year my hair goals were all about soothing and smoothing my damaged ends, adding volume to my weighty locks, and giving my hair a general moisture/health boost. In the end I cheated and got the chop, so in recent weeks my haircare routine has undergone a bit of a shakeup. I'm finding that shorter hair gives me more freedom (and fun) when it comes to styling and using styling products, and I'm learning to be less of a slave to my hairdryer. The year has taught me that my hair deserves just as much attention as my skin (I now use hair masks, serums, and overnight treatments on a weekly basis) and that when it comes to haircare, investing in some high quality products often saves money in the long-run.

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BODY 2014 saw me up my bodycare regime and taught me to see my daily bath/shower routine as less of a chore and as more of an indulgence. I've learnt that the effects of the weather require a serious beauty overhaul every few months in order for me to address the concerns of the season appropriately - and most importantly, I've learnt to enjoy this. These days I can't even imagine not using some form of body moisturiser post-shower or exfoliating on a regular basis, and I happily spend my Sunday evenings creating the perfect cocktail of products in my bathtub. There's nothing like a freshly scented bath, head to toe exfoliation, and a luxe body lotion to combat those Sunday night blues.

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What have you learnt from your 2014 in beauty?

G x

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