15-Minute Facial

As much as I adore and relish those occasions where I have the time to engage in a lengthy skincare ritual involving numerous luxe products and complex massage techniques, life is not always so kind in providing time for such indulgences on a regular basis. Despite this, I've learnt that my skin really does benefit from an (at least) twice weekly intensive skincare session, so I've managed to establish a short but sweet facial routine consisting of products which not only work, but work fast.

MINUTES : Aesop Purifying Exfoliant Paste* This single item ticks all of the boxes required of the first step to any good facial - preparing the skin for the big guns. A soft cream cleanser which provides both manual and chemical exfoliation (via the inclusion of lactic acid and finely ground quartz particles), this sloughs away build up and gently cleanses the skin, leaving it perfectly prepped for a deeper cleansing.

5 MINUTES : Aesop Parsley Seed Cleansing Mask My go-to mask when I don't really have any major concerns in need of addressing, but instead just want to give my skin an overall boost and intensive cleanse. What I love about this mask is that it works for me regardless of whatever state my skin is in - whether oily, dry, or super-sensitive, it always manages to calm and balance my complexion, leaving it looking and feeling instantly healthier. Despite being a clay-based mask, it isn't too drying - leaving my skin feeling soft, hydrated, and thoroughly cleansed.

3 MINUTES : Radical Instant Revitalising Mask* An active mask was always going to feature in such an edit, and Radical's is one which performs with both speed and prowess. Whether your skin is dry and dehydrated, clogged, irritated, or simply looking a bit dull, this mask provides an instant injection of health and radiance via the delivery of a potent blend of vitamins and nutrients. The mask encourages the pores to open and the skin to breathe, absorbing optimal levels of oxygen vital for regeneration and hydration. This mask has worked wonders on my blemish scars and is an instant skin brightener.

4 MINUTES : Sarah Chapman Skinesis Overnight Facial Oil* A similarly do-it-all miracle product, albeit in oil form. I could happily wile away hours massaging this rich, indulgent serum into my skin. However, when pressed for time even just four minutes will suffice to help a distressed complexion. A cocktail of antioxidants, vitamins, and essential oils, it brightens and hydrates the skin, leaving a fresh, healthy glow. The perfect antidote to winter skin.

1 MINUTE : Origins Drinkup Intensive Overnight Mask I feel like I mention this product in almost any skincare edit I compile, but it really is an absolute staple in my arsenal. Think of this as the skincare equivalent to drinking a big green smoothie and seeing instantaneous effects (it even smells like a smoothie). Apply a generous layer in place of moisturiser and expect to wake up to a bright, healthy glow quite beyond recognition.

Which products do you recommend for a speedy facial?

G x

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