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A few weeks ago I shared my blogging criteria, detailing some of the features which collectively inspire me to click 'follow' upon discovering a new read. Today, I'm sharing my ten favourite blogs of the moment - the must-reads which tick all of my blogging criteria, and which above all reflect the passions and personalities of the women behind the blogs. As someone who has built their blog up from a teeny tiny personal corner of the Internet, I know and place great value upon the impact of sharing and supporting other blogs and bloggers - especially those little known gems which don't often make the big lists. Join me, and share the love in the comments below!

In A Pavilion - There is such a strong sense of personality in Lilly's blog, which [when paired with her beautiful images and eloquent prose] makes her posts the first I read when I spy one in my Bloglovin feed. Lilly manages to seamlessly merge the categories of beauty and lifestyle like no other. Must read : 14 Beauty Items of 2014

Awake & Make - Charlotte has a way with words which makes her posts effortlessly readable and means that despite the fact I have zilch aptitude for crafting [the main focus of her blog], I find myself reading every one of her posts no matter what the content. I especially adore her weekly Instagram roundups. Must read : Thrifted Finds #1

La Petite Primp - Possibly my all-time favourite beauty blogger, Camey is one of my favourite Internet people and her warm, bright personality really shines through in her writing. Her beauty taste is impeccable but accompanied by a healthy dose of down-to-earth, no nonsense sensibility. Must read : You Spent What?!

Maison Ellis - She's a lover of all things luxe, and has an eye for the aesthetically pleasing, so Bridie's blog was always going to be a favourite of mine. Maison Ellis presents a perfect blend of health, beauty, and lifestyle inspiration, via impeccable and infectiously positive prose - I can't wait to see more in 2015. Must read : January : The Revamp

Jennypurr - Jen is doing amazing things over on her blog, and as both her friend and a long-term reader I am constantly in awe of her passion and originality when it comes to creating content. Anyone who writes [or is looking to write] a blog should make her site [and upcoming eBook] a must-read! Must read : Getting Specific With Your Blog : Who Do You Want To Create For?

Like Neon Love - Tenneil may live [quite literally] on the other side of the world to me, but after months of reading her blog I am quite confident that she is one of the loveliest people out there on the internet. Despite her focus on beauty a real element of lifestyle comes across in her posts, which are always beautiful written and accompanied by equally beautiful imagery. Must read : Slip, Slop, Slap

From Roses - Rebecca's gorgeous blog is one I have relished seeing grow over the past year. She clearly puts so much time, effort, and passion into both her writing and photography. It's always so inspiring as well to see a blogger succeed whilst maintaining their honesty and integrity, and From Roses presents both qualities in abundance. Must read : Beauty Products I Need To Use More

Sofie Says Something - Sofie's posts are always such a pleasure to read, and her blog is another I can't wait to read more of this year. She has an infectiously fun personality which really comes across in her super readable prose, and always tackles thought-provoking and interesting topics with a fresh and insightful approach. Must read : Life As A Beauty Intern

Lipstick With Some Sunshine - Aside from the dreamy aesthetic of her blog and Instagram account, Tamira has fast become my favourite YouTuber. Her videos are impeccably filmed and edited but still really natural and refreshingly unscripted. Watching Tamira's videos is like sitting down for a relaxing and completely honest beauty chat with an old friend. Must read : Fresh Makeup Look

9 Out of Ten - The most recent addition to my blogroll, WengYee's beauty picks run so similarly to my own [think Radical, Aesop, Eve Lom etc.]  that I couldn't help but instantly follow her beautifully presented blog, and I'm eagerly anticipating her future posts. Must read : A Little Obsessed With Hydraluron

I'm always on the lookout for new blogs to follow, do have any reading recommendations?

G x

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