The [Better Than] Pillowtalk Dupe

I'm quite certain that by now you're all HIGHLY aware of my love [read : obsession] for No7's Precision Lips Pencil in Nude. It's probably my most talked about beauty product of all time, popping up in just about every makeup related post I write, FOREVER a candidate in my monthly favourites shortlists, and the first thing I buy when those No7 vouchers come out. In short, I [and every handbag/makeup bag I won] will never be without one. For this reason I've never previously felt compelled to delve any deeper into the world of lip liners. My boxes were, quite simply, ticked.

If you happen to be one of the few who hasn't previously witnessed me wax lyrical re. said lip pencil, then read on [and if you're sick and tired of me harping on about it, then skip to the next paragraph]... The shade is the most perfect match to my natural lip colour so I can easily get away with taking it ever so slightly outside of my natural lip line - I have extremely thin lips, so forgive me the makeup faux pas [I'm by no means attempting to pull a Kylie Jenner]. It's also the perfect match to lipstick of any shade. The formula itself is more crayon than pencil which allows for smooth application, and a soft natural finish. Seriously so natural that you will easily fool anyone into thinking that you're completely bare-lipped, for the harsh, drawn-on effect is not to be seen. Like the best lip liners, it lasts well, prevents lipstick bleeding, and isn't drying in the slightest. For real, this stuff is like a foolproof, failsafe, affordable injection of Restylane, and you can pick it up from your local Boots for less than a fiver. Win, win, WIN.

However, the lure of Charlotte Tilbury's Lip Cheat pencil in Pillowtalk - forever praised, adored by many, and frequently named the saving grace of the thin-lipped girl eventually tempted me to purchase. I was intrigued as to just how much the luxe liner would live up to the prowess of my budget favourite, and must confess that a tiny little part of me was convinced that it would come out tops [and cost me a fortune in the process].

So I'm going to cause some serious controversy here and say that after a few weeks spent using Charlotte Tilbury's much celebrated Pillowtalk, No7's Nude is still my favourite lip liner. Eek, there, I said it. Scorn me as you will, but hear me out first - it could save you a pretty penny in the long-run. As you can see from the above photo, the shades are near identical, and in terms of formula and performance there are virtually no distinguishing features. The only difference upon application is that the No7 liner is ever so slightly less saturated whereas Pillowtalk errs a little more pink/bright - so isn't quite as natural. I wish I had more to say in comparison, but truly these products run so similar that I'm literally lost for words. It's a rare occasion within the beauty world that a budget product excels the prowess of its high-end alternative, but here we've struck gold. It's more than just a dupe, it's a better than dupe.

Have you used either of these liners, what are your thoughts?

G x

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