WEEKEND RITUAL #20 : 22 Resolutions

The weekend joy has hit, we've ALMOST survived January and I'm edging ever closer to the big two-two [Friday!!]. Speaking from experience, there is nothing quite like birthday anticipation to brighten the bleak month of January. Cue SOARING levels of excitement [understatement], wishlist compiling, and coffee/dinner/cocktail/brunch plots filling my diary for the next few weeks. Birth-DAY, or birth-WEEK??

Ahead of hitting the grand old age of 22 I decided to compile a list of 22 resolutions - of the practical, personal, and [most importantly] achievable type. What better turning point/milestone than a birthday to reassess and plot goals??

+ Read a book a week [I used to read so much but between work/blogging/studying etc have barely found time to in recent months]. + Wear my glasses more often and my contact lenses less [see below!]. + DRINK MORE WATER. + Get into the habit of making daily to-do lists [without which I am 7083727 times less productive]. + Start saving for the long-term [boring, but necessary]. + Gain more writing experience. + Be ruthless when it comes to throwing things away. + Take up the piano again [its been years since I last played regularly but now that I'm home and have access to a lovely instrument I'm determined to make the most of it]. + Complete my Duke of Edinburgh Award [because getting stuck on a near vertical cliff face will not have been in vain, and 25 is edging closer]. + Buy clothes with the mantra ‘quality > quantity’ in mind. + Own a pair of Louboutins [life is too short not to]. + Meet up with Internet friends [plans already in motion!]. + Organise my iPhoto/iTunes [such a chore but it needs to be done!]. + Use eye cream, EVERYDAY. + Cut dairy [I'm convinced that it's at the root my recent breakout so see-yah cheese *sobs*]! + Learn how to use my new camera, properly. + Build a capsule wardrobe [minimalism, all the way]. + Explore [I have friends all over the country and I'm determined to make the most of my railcard and get down to London more this year]. + Start working out again [I always slack off in winter but I'm determined to catch the running bug this year]! + Wean myself off sugary tea. + Be consistent with my skincare [the bane of every skincare obsessed beauty blogger]. + Grow my hair [because sadly choppy bobs don't stay choppy bobs for long].

Resolution No.2 is a big 'un, but one I am more than happy to embrace when sporting my new pair of London Retro Ohara specs, kindly sent over by the lovely people over at Glasses Direct! If [like me] you're FUSSY with a capital 'F' when it comes to finding eyewear then here is a company which will make the process a whole lot simpler. Designer glasses [via the new Boutique section] at affordable prices, and with a free home trial which allows to you try out multiple styles for free before purchase - indecision will be a thing of the past. And if you feel like joining me on the 'wear my glasses more often' resolution, you can enter the Rafflecopter giveaway down below to win a pair of London Retro specs of your choice!

In the meantime, HAPPY SUNDAY!

G x

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