25 Beauty Tips

Whilst I love reading articles with such compelling titles (i.e. click bait) as '567218 Beauty Hacks You NEED In Your Life', prior experience has taught me that these are more often than not a compilation of contradictions, old wives tales, and near on impossible techniques. So for the past few months I've been making use of the Notes section on my phone to compile a list of my own (tried and tested) beauty tips. Pens at the ready ladies...

+ Dust highlighter from above and bronzer from below to reflect the way that light/shadow naturally hits your face. + Spray an old mascara wand with hairspray and use it to tame flyaways and unruly brows. + Post-shower use the corner of a towel to push back your cuticles whilst they are more easily malleable [this tip was given to me by a professional manicurist!]. + Only apply conditioner to the length of your hair in order to prevent buildup in your roots. + Dry your hair with a t-shirt rather than a towel in order to prevent frizz. + Spray bobby pins with hairspray to make them last longer. + Focus mascara on the outer lashes for a wide-eyed effect. + Don't forget to apply moisturiser to your neck, it's here you'll observe the first tell-tale signs of ageing. + Don't be afraid to use oils on an oily complexion - like attracts like. + Follow up a deep-cleansing face mask with a gentle hydrating one, especially if you're prone to dry skin. + Use a manual exfoliant before applying your face mask in order to clear the pores and allow for better penetration of the mask's ingredients. + When giving yourself a face massage, work in upwards and outwards motions - this helps to drain toxins and prevent their buildup. + A nude lip liner which matches your natural lip colour will work with any colour lipstick, and save you a lot of money [as well as avoiding the hassle of finding the perfect colour match]. + If you suffer from especially dry hands and have yet to find a hand cream which works for you, use a foot cream instead. They're a lot stronger and designed to break through tougher and dryer skin as it is. + Avoid washing your hair too frequently. This sends your oils glands into overdrive and you'll end up with greasier hair, faster. + If you like to extend your brows a little when filling them in, be sure not to extend them downwards as this looks unnatural. + Apply powder in a downwards sweeping motion [brushing upwards will cause it to cling to and emphasise hairs]. + Treat micellar water as a makeup remover rather than as a cleanser. + Don't waste money buying brow gel when a clear mascara will perform just as well. + For subtle but effective eye definition, carefully apply eyeliner between the lashes. + If you get a lot of build-up in your hair try switching up your routine and using conditioner first and shampoo last. This prevents the conditioner from lingering - which is often the cause of build-up. + Ensure that you're cleaning your makeup brushes as often as possible [at least twice a week] - the bacteria which builds up in dirty brushes could be the reason behind your recent breakout. + Use an eyeshadow primer beneath cream shadows to prevent creasing. + File nails in just one direction in order to prevent splitting [unless using a glass file, which can be used in both directions]. + Apply eye cream with the tips of your ring fingers as they exert the least pressure.

What are your foolproof/failsafe beauty tips?

G x

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