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We're all familiar with that post-salon feel - soft, swishy, locks which look [and feel!] like they deserve lead role in the latest shampoo ad. You swear [hand on heart] to maintain that lustre, to invest in quality products, to wean yourself off the straightners/hair-dryer, and to brush your hair EVERY night [100 strokes, no less!]. Good intentions in abundance. Fast forward a few weeks down the line however, and your hectic schedule/laziness has gotten the better of you, once again. Between daily blow-drys and abusive product use you're well on the way to tangly, dry, frizz-prone locks once again.

Not so soon girls. For who knew laziness and good haircare practice could walk hand-in-hand?? These quick fix wonders will fit effortlessly into your routine [no matter how much rush you're in come dawn chorus] and solve the worst of your haircare ailments will minimal effort required.

Welcome, to fast lane haircare.

When hair is dry : Ojon Rare Blend Moisture Therapy Conditioner* Few of us have time for those 15-minute deep conditioners which [whilst admittedly brilliant] are rarely worth the logistical in-shower nightmare. Meet the 2-minute version, which gives you just enough time to wash/shave your legs whilst working its all-out hydration goodness unto your frazzled locks. Infused with Ojon's signature blend of nourishing oils, shea and mango butters, and [haircare hero] jojoba oil, this thick, creamy mask works to repair and hydrate your hair, leaving it soft, smooth, and glossy. I adore the rich herbal scent of this Ojon newbie, and find that [unlike many similar products] it doesn't leave a hint of buildup. Swap this out with your basic conditioner for a week and you'll really notice a difference.

When hair has build-up : Klorane Nettle Shampoo A clarifying shampoo is a vital component to any well-structured haircare artillery. Used once a week to remove the buildup which occurs both naturally [dry skin, natural oils, etc] and as a result of the products we lavish upon our locks on a daily basis, you'll notice a difference straight away. Expect hair to feel lighter and fresher [as close to that post-salon feel as you can get in your own bathroom] and with noticeably more volume at the roots. This French favourite works to reduce buildup, restore balance, and regularise oil production without over-stripping your scalp.

When hair needs volume : Oribe Thick Dry Finishing Spray* I'm a self-confessed volume-seeker, and the contents of my bathroom cabinet stands testament to this fact. Amongst the sprays, creams, serums, and mousses, however, lurks this sleek brown can of volumising goodness. If I'm in a rush, this is the one-stop wonder which guarantees long-lasting thickness without the stickiness. A beautifully scented spray which works by swelling the hair shaft, and gives the appearance of big, soft, voluptuous hair within seconds. This is salon styling, in a can.

When hair needs texture : Bumble & bumble Cityswept Finish Think of this as a styling balm in spray form - which makes for speed and ease of use, in abundance. Use to create a 'piecey', lived-in style in freshly washed hair, or to define and separate curls. Set your styling mousse and backcomb brush aside, for this creates the appearance of casually styled hair [office perfect, but with a bit of edge] without veering into teenage grunge territory.

When ends are dry : Boots Coconut Oil A budget friendly boost of moisture which can be used all over or concentrated upon dry ends for a speedier [and less messy] remedy to that 'I really need a haircut' frizz and fluff. Melt a tablespoon's worth in the microwave [usually for about 15-25 seconds] before massaging into your dry ends. Leave on for anything from 15 minutes to 8 hours [wrap your hair up in an old t-shirt and sleep with it in] before rinsing out with warm water. The finished result? Well, sleek would be an understatement.

When hair needs a quick boost : Swell Ultimate Volume Dry Shampoo* Without a doubt the best dry shampoo I have EVER used, this dispenses not as a spray, but as a light puff of powder which instantly disappears into the hair without a trace of residue or tackiness. I avoid most dry shampoos for the fact that most leave my hair feeling heavy, sticky, and dirtier than before within a matter of hours, but this one truly leaves my hair looking and feeling clean and fresh. It's also a volume-inducing miracle, no handbag should be without one.

When hair has flyaways : Bumble & bumble Hairdresser's Invisible Oil* Pesky flyaways were once the bane of us all, but with the advent of Bumble's much adored Hairdresser's Invisible Oil range, they're well and truly a thing of the past. Without a doubt the star of the range for me in this sweetly scented serum which instantly smooths frizz and adds a healthy sheen to dull hair. A little goes a long way [too much will leave you with greasy looking roots], but this really is the only thing which will keep that midday fuzz at bay.

When hair needs some serious TLC : Sachajuan Overnight Hair Repair* Whether skincare or haircare, I am always up for trying out the latest overnight treatment. Call it a fad if you will, but what could be better for 'almost beyond rescue' hair than an intensive, 7-10 hour long treatment which is all about hydration?? Sachajuan are the experts when it comes to serious hair repair, and it shows. This is my favourite overnight treatment for a reason - after just one use you'll wake up with soft, shiny, strong locks which look and feel ten times healthier.

When hair is knotty : Aussie Miracle Recharge Hair Insurance Leave-In Conditioner I've been a serial leave-in conditioner user since my high school days, and have tried out many an offering, none of which have quite surpassed this [divinely scented] drugstore favourite. The only product guaranteed to make combing my long, knot-prone post-shower hair a no-tears operation, I am never without a bottle.

When hair is dull : L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil Mist Part hair perfume, part shine treatment, ALL things wonderful. If you're in that 'mad dash out of the door' panic that you haven't done a thing to your hair, a quick spritz of this dry oil mist will void all feelings of haircare negligence. It instantly shrouds hair in scent, softness, and protection [from the elements/styling tools/daily wear-and-tear] without leaving a hint of stickiness or residue. Expect SHINE in bucketfuls, this is summer-ready hair, all year round.

When hair is damaged : Bleach London Reincarnation Mask* I've never been brave enough to inflict colour upon my hair, nut it has without a doubt been through its fair share of turmoil. That teen backcombing phase, the years of shoving my tresses into a "messy bun" without brushing, and my love for a good blow-dry have all taken their toll upon my locks. Whilst at times, nothing other than a trip to the salon and 5 inches off can solves such ills, for a quick fix, I reach for a mask aimed at that most damaged of hair types - that which has been dyed/bleached to within an inch of its life. Now this is one of those '10-20 minutes/wrap in a towel' affairs, but if your hair really is in need of some serious TLC, you can [and will] find the time [and that's a hell of a lot shorter than your average salon visit, for sure]. I apply this mask generously, and the proof is always in the pudding. Soft, calm, healthy looking hair with a serious shine factor.

What are your one-stop haircare heroes?

G x

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