The time has finally come to seriously edit my wardrobe. I've been plotting this for weeks but finally have a free Sunday to undergo the mission I set myself several weeks ago and cut my clothing down to the bare essentials. Between my love of clothes and shopping, and the fact that I haven't changed sizes in 8 years, I've accumulated a serious amount of sartorial buildup...

This weekend I'm getting into sorting mode [amped to maximum ruthlessness] and cutting down on the contents of my closet. The aim is to get rid of anything I wouldn't wear on an average day - I'm the type of person who will pick up a faded sweater I haven't worn since high school and say "oh this will come in handy if I ever go mud-walking/paint-balling/white-water rafting" [NB. All highly unlikely], and keep it. On a similar note, I'm nostalgic, and will find it hard to let go of the [admittedly hideous] Jack Wills sweatpants which I saved up my lunch money to buy in sixth form, or the floral sundress which seemed like the ideal thing to pick up from a Californian thrift store. Today though, the aim is to get the 'to eBay' pile higher than the 'to keep pile'.

In order to keep myself on track I've made a tick list of the wardrobe essentials [see below] which are to form the backbone of my soon to be 'capsule wardrobe'. In collaboration with Avenue 32 I've done some major wish-listing, which with their current line-up [the likes of A.P.C, Alexa for AG, Bella Freud, and BLK DNM] wasn't hard. And hopefully, after making a pretty penny on eBay, a few of these loves/lusts will have made it into my wardrobe, for real.

A WARM KNIT : I live in the UK, so let's face it, knitwear is an annual essential, and no matter how 'capsule' my wardrobe becomes it's guaranteed to have at least a 2:1 knitwear ratio. I've been besotted with this wool jumper since well, forever [but then who isn't??]. It's chic, classic, and the perfect winter-spring transition piece. A BASIC WHITE SHIRT : The obvious essential and missing from my current line-up, so this is first on my list to purchase. It goes without saying that a white shirt such as this one goes with just about everything and anything, can be dressed up or down, layered, paired solo with black jeans, or throw on over lace lingerie [see below] on a lazy Sunday. Previous experience has taught me that when it comes to shirts, going premium almost always warrants a better fit/shape. SLIM BLACK JEANS : Erm, obviously. No wardrobe essentials list would be complete without the staple of all staples. I adore this BLK DNM pair [not least for their name], but because they're made from soft stretch denim [halle-lujah] and have a grey-wash effect which avoids giving off those high-school uniform vibes so often synonymous with jet black trousers. LUXE WHITE TRAINERS : If you're not yet aware of minimalist French brand A.P.C then you could easily be forgiven for thinking that the words 'luxe' and 'trainers' are a somewhat erroneous pairing. See here and think again. Whilst perhaps not a highly practical choice, a pair of white trainers are a seasonal essential and can be worn with just about everything [currently feeling loose denim and a striped boat-neck]. A DENIM SKIRT : We've all spent the past few weeks swooning over Alexa's much-hyped line for A.G. [the connoisseurs of denim]. My personal favourite from the collection is this flirty A-line skirt, which I could see myself wearing all year round. Pair with cat-eye sunnies, a camel trench, and some pointy leopard print flats a la Alexa. A 'BARELY THERE' LACE BRA : Admittedly I already own several Agent Provocateur and L'Agent numbers - they're classy, sexy, and insanely comfy. But this black lace affair would be a more than welcome addition to the collection. There's something about non-padded translucent lace lingerie which emanates those 'effortless summer Sunday' vibes, and I am all about that. TAILORED TROUSERS : Because somedays a girl likes to have more options for her pins than tights vs. denim. I'm on the hunt for the perfect camel pair, and this chic, pleated pair truly hit a chord. Paired with bare arms, vampy nails, and skyscraper heels I can see these becoming a cult classic.

What are your must-have wardrobe staples?

G x

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