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My hunt for the perfect brow product has been well documented on this blog; it veers from pencils to pomades and from powders to gels. The hunt is finally over though [and what a relief that is], for in the recent addition of the SUQQU Balancing Brow Palette to my makeup bag, I have hit eyebrow gold. Seriously, Nirvana has been reached, the itch has been satisfied, I'm not even trying to convince myself that it's "not too warm/dark/ashy etc", it's just perfect. Perfect, effortless, and foolproof; and I can imagine one would be hard pressed to find a disputant to these claims. [N.B. For anyone wondering, I still use and love the Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade; it's actually the perfect product to pair with the SUQQU palette for an even more polished/defined/bold look].

This 3-in-1 palette contains two shades of brow powder and one lighter shade to define the brow ridge area [which I don't really use, but I was told this is more beneficial to Asian users]. The palette itself comes in two colour ranges - I opted for 01, the marginally darker of the two, simply because I do prefer a bolder brow. The first shade is a very very light, creamy brown, and the second [which appears alarmingly green in photographs, despite this being barely perceptible in real life] is a darker cool brown, with a grey and yes [ever so slight] green-ish tint. The beauty of having two shades to play with is that you can mix both products in order to adjust the finished result as close a match to your natural [or desired] brow shade as possible.

Now I have been for a lot of makeovers, and have used a fair number of brow products over the years, but never before have I experienced quite so natural and efficacious a result as I have after using this. I prefer my brows to appear bold and defined, yet not too heavy and certainly not unnatural. There is a fine line between the two, and it can be so easy to get a bit carried away or work a little heavy-handedly when in pursuit of a bold brow. What I love most about this product however is that it allows for an initially light application which can easily be built up for a stronger look. Many products I've used before have to be applied with an extreme degree of debility, without which brows will easily end up thickset - but in this case, you really don't need to worry about overdoing it. It's almost impossible to go overboard. As I said, foolproof.

This success lies I am quite certain, in what I deem the crowning glory of this product; the brush. It's unlike typical brow brushes [which tend to err very similar to an angled liner brush] in that the fibres are very short, thick, stubby bristles. This formula somehow allows for a very light, even and precise deposition of product throughout the brows. The fibres catch gently onto the hairs and diffuse the powder deftly and subtly, with a finesse which does not cause a cloudy/smudged effect. It really is all about working with the brow hairs themselves, as opposed to using the skin to emulate the appearance of a bolder brow shape.

If you're used to working with eyeshadow in your brows [one of my preferred ways to achieve a natural look], you'll find that the formula of the powder here is very different to that of eyeshadow. It's a lot creamier, incredibly finely milled, and not too pigmented - all of which no doubt contribute to its efficacy. I also find that these powders are a lot more durable than regular eyeshadows, which never seem to last the day even with brow gel.

At £38 this is [initially at least] an expensive purchase, but I can see it lasting a very long time [I've barely made a dent after three months of consistent use]. Now, considering that I used to go through the £10 Soap & Glory brow pencils at a rate of one per month, in perspective it works out much more economical to save up and invest.

Have you discovered your Holy Grail brow product yet?


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