It's oh so easy to give minimal thought and attention to bodycare; picking up the cheapest shower gel/deodorant on offer is what comes naturally to most of us, and we're usually in such a rush to be in and out of the bathroom that we spare little time for in- or post-shower indulgences. Aside from providing a little added luxury to our daily routine, dedicated bodycare products can address a number of the common concerns and issues with which we deal on a daily basis; from perspiration to dry skin, dullness, and UV damage.

Today's edits presents 12 approaches to dealing with common body care concerns, in just one step.

When my skin is "normal": & Other Stories Cotton Care Flannel Body Lotion When choosing a body lotion, I have just three requirements upon my agenda; the product must be fast-absorbing, deeply hydrating, and exquisitely scented. Whilst the latter two are fairly easy to come by, the former is the tough one. It can be hard to find a product which provides a decent amount of hydration without leaving a sticky residue - which, let's face it is not an option when speed is of the essence post-AM shower. This lotion is light and silky, sinking in immediately, and depositing a delicate, complex scent which lasts all day long [and is more than a dupe for Byredo's La Tulipe].

When my skin is dry : Aēsop Resolute Hydrating Body Balm* Providing a step up from the above for when my skin is at its driest; think of this balm as the anti-body butter - delivering just as much of an intense moisture boost, but devoid of the greasy aftermath we've all come to expect from most heavy-duty moisturisers. A rich and soothing balm which leaves my skin supple, soft, and fragranced with a warm herbal scent; this is the saving grace of winter skin.

When I need to refresh : Cowshed Lazy Cow Shower Gel You can ALWAYS rely upon Cowshed to [out-]perform when it comes to in-shower indulgences. Lazy Cow is [quite fittingly] my go-to Monday morning shower accompaniment and one of my favourite scents in the whole entire universe [jasmine, chamomile, and sandalwood]. It's the kind of scent which instantly wakes you up and leaves you feeling ripe and ready to face the day ahead.

When I'm on-the-go : & Other Stories Fig Fiction Body Mist For a budget body spray, this scent is surprisingly decadent; and satisfyingly, not sickly sweet in the slightest. It's seductively heavy, fresh, ripe, and woody. Ideal for a quick midday refresh and a saving grace on days when you've forgotten your perfume but still seek to smell exquisite.

When I need to stay fresh : Aēsop Deodorant* If you've ever thought that natural deodorants couldn't possibly live up to the claims of their synthetic alternatives, then take a look over here. Aesop's formula uses eleven essential oils to neutralise body odour, leaving a complex, earthy aroma [think your boyfriend's custom EDP] which lingers throughout the day. No nasties in sight.

When my skin is dull : Nars Body Glow Oil* I rarely have the time or patience for fake tan, but Nars' foolproof glow-getter is the next best thing. Providing a subtle golden warmth which gives limbs that honeyed glow we're all longing for post-holiday, and accompanied by the sweet scent of coconut and a delicate moisturising formula. This is summer sunshine in a bottle.

When my skin needs exfoliation : MUJI Foam Body Towel I love a good shower scrub as much as the next person, but when I'm in a rush, faffing with multiple products is a bona fide time-waster. Instead, lather on your shower gel before giving your body a quick once over with this super abrasive cloth. It's long and narrow so is perfect for buffing dry skin from your back [without having to rope in your other half and a loofah].

When I'm in a rush : Aēsop Petitgrain Hydrating Body Gel* Talk about fast-absorbing; this cool, refreshing gel disappears into the skin before you've even had time to give it some massage action. It's completely grease-free so leaves absolutely no trace of product upon the skin, and means you can get dressed immediately post-application. A dream come true.

When I need to relax : Lush Bath Bomb Without fail, every Sunday my bathroom is turned into a home spa, and without fail I lug out my basket of bath bombs [cue 5 minutes of severe indecision]. I'm a chop-and-change kinda gal so bubble bath doesn't quite do it for me; I like to have the choice between sweet, fruity, and floral. Aside from filling your tub with bright colours and a crude form of aromatherapy; Lush's bath bombs also infuse the water with moisturising properties - many contains essential oils which will leave your limbs luxuriously smooth.

When my skin needs a treat : Chanel No5 The Body Lotion Indulgent bodycare is a chance to add a little luxury to your everyday routine; for what better way to spice up so mundane a daily ritual as your morning shower or evening soak, than with a beautifully scented body lotion?? Aside from being an incentive to get out of bed come Monday's alarm, you'll find the scent will linger with you all day long. Naturally, this is everything you'd expect from Chanel - from the chic packaging [swoon inducing, right?] to the fresh delicate take on Chanel's classic fragrance, and the thick velvety texture of the lotion itself. Girls, it's time to luxe it up.

When I need SPF : Dermalogica Protection SPF 50* Heavy-duty solar protection combined with a sheer grease-free formula = skin protection at its best. Ideal for use on the face as well as the rest of the body, this water-resistant, non-irritating formula is an easy-peasy take on a skincare necessity.

When my hand needs TLC : Mane 'n Tail Hoofmaker This balm was originally created with horses hooves in mind, so offers some seriously intense hydration to chapped and dry hands. The formula contains a cocktail of protein-rich ingredients which penetrate and soothe even the most severely chapped areas of skin, restoring nutrients and preventing future moisture loss. A true one-stop wonder, this fast-absorbing cream also works to strengthen and fortify nails. Think of it as a luxe manicure, in tube form.

What are your one-stop bodycare essentials?


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