Oh hey you, Sunday!

What's been on the agenda this week, I hear you say?

Well, I'm on my travels once again! The tick-list looks a little something like my London adventure, albeit with a Welsh twist...

The location is Cardiff, for a three day weekend jam-packed with fun, food, and friends. One of my oldest/best friends is turning twenty-two, so fun and games are the only requirements upon the agenda! So far, we've ended up on a bit of an unintentional food tour of the city; eating and drinking our way around the Welsh capital's finest brunch places/cocktail bars/coffee shops/bagel joints.

There has been a hella lot of beauty hall fun [hands covered in lipstick swatches etc etc], shopping [sore feet, sore arms, just how it should be], an impromptu piercing session, and XXL smoothie dates. See here for the Instagram version, and below for the lineup.

Science Cream New York Deli Revolucion de Cuba Coffee Barker

The sun has been shining, and the sky is a delightful shade of blue [see above]; but the the icy sea air has rendered any ankle baring/daring outfits a no-go - hurry up already spring/summer!

Whatever you're up to I hope you're having an amazing weekend, rain or shine!


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