Following on from last week's edit of skincare lessons I've learnt, and details on the products which helped me to get skincare savvy; today I'm sharing five more lessons and product combinations. The skincare journey continues...

Cleansers come in many forms : RMK Cleansing Balm* For many years I didn't imagine that cleansers came in any form other than a suspiciously colourful gel boasting a Fairy Liquid-esque aroma and abrasive particles. These days I use a variety of different cleansers for different purposes, and I often switch up my cleanser to suit my skin. Usually I use a gel cleanser in the morning, an oil or balm cleanser to remove my makeup, and a lotion or cleansing milk in the evening. I wrote all about the different types of cleanser on offer here. A firm favourite over the past year, and one of the first "non-gel" cleansers which I used is this beautiful rose-scented balm. It melts from a solid to a liquid upon application and leaves my skin feeling soft, nourished, and thoroughly cleansed.

Less is always more : Avene Extremely Gentle Cleanser As a teen, when my skin freaked out I'd reach for astringent masks and alcohol-soaked pads to battle the worst of my blemishes - naturally to no avail. These days, when I break out I do the exact opposite and pare down my skincare routine to a bare minimum; a tried and tested collation of products aimed at super-sensitive skin which I can use assured of their ability to calm and heal my skin without causing further aggravation. This cleanser is the gentlest I have ever used, yet somehow boasts remarkable skills when it comes to removing makeup. What more could you possibly want?

There are multiple ways to exfoliate : PIXI Glow Tonic + Clarisonic Aria* Most of us know exfoliation as washing our face with some form of scrub - known as a manual exfoliant. Whilst this is a great way to remove dead skin and prep the face for a mask or deep treatment, it can be a little harsh for regular use; especially if you have sensitive skin. Enter the chemical exfoliant we all know and love; PIXI Glow contains a formula of chemical exfoliants [BHAs and AHAs] which provides a gentler [and often more effective] form of exfoliation. I found that introducing a chemical exfoliant into my routine really sped up the process of healing my blemish marks and scars. And after boycotting scrubs for quite some time, I learned to love the concept of manual exfoliation once again with the help of my Clarisonic - which offers a gentle take on manual exfoliation.

Don't forget SPF : Eve Lom Daily Protection SPF50* You could easily be forgiven for thinking that an SPF is required only on those rare summers days spent lazing on the lawn/beach with a mojito to hand; but more recently the importance of wearing a facial SPF on a daily basis has come to fore. Aside from preventing long-term damage to the skin, if you do suffer from blemish marks or pigmentation, then an SPF is vital. Even on cloudy days, UV rays are still prevalent, and will destroy collagen and stimulate melanin cells [which emphasises pigmentation]. Many foundations and concealers actually contain an SPF, but on days when I'm out and about I prefer to use a dedicated sunscreen such as this Eve Lom one, which also serves as both day cream and primer.

Regular facial massage pays off : The Body Shop Facial Massager Another tip I picked up in my hunt to fade blemish marks and scars, and one which has really made a difference; especially to those marks around my chin/jaw area. Regular facial massage stimulates the blood cells which in turn helps to drain away toxins, and prevent future build up and breakouts. I try to do a hands-on [literally] facial massage a few times a week, but if I'm rushed for time or too tired then 15 minutes spent rolling this over my cheeks before bed is all that's needed. It's also a brilliant way to improve the efficacy of any oils or serums which you've applied to your skin beforehand.

I'd love to know what skincare lessons you've learnt, and the products which helped you most!


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