It's a habit which I think we all practice, almost without thinking; that of reaching for a certain product, and then hunting through our stash for the tool which best suits it. Via trial and error I soon become aware of the fact that my super-pigmented Clinique eyeshadow should not be used with the densely packed bristles of my Laura Mercier crease brush, yet my Zoeva fluff shadow brush works it like a dream. This soon got me thinking about how I subconsciously pair certain products and tools within my beauty routine, and within a matter of minutes I'd racked up enough of a list for the topic to be more than worthy of a series of blog posts. Reader, I give you part one...

Nars Eyelash Curler* + Benefit Roller Lash Mascara I'm going to discuss this curler in more detail in the future, because let me tell you now, it is far superior to the much-hyped Shu Uemura favourite which I've been using for the past year [as in well and truly blows it out of the water]. It fits my lid like a dream and gives a serious 'wow-factor' curl with minimal effort required. After previous disastrous experiences with Benefit products I wasn't really expecting to like their latest [and hugely hyped] launch. A sample arrived alongside March ELLE however, and after a few weeks of use as a paperweight, I decided to give it a whirl. Like most Benefit mascaras it's a devil to remove, but I have to admit that it does do what it says on the tin... A truly eye-opening curl which, when paired with the above, has a noticeably widening effect which lasts all day long.

The Body Shop Facial Massager + Sarah Chapman Skinesis Overnight Facial* Whilst this nifty little gadget [which I keep at my desk] is suitable for use both on its own and with any number of oils, serums, and moisturisers, I particularly favour pairing it with this high-performance cocktail of super ingredients. Rich in antioxidants, omega oils, and vitamins, this silky oil leaves skin looking especially bright and plump after time has been taken to massage it in. Together the two are an [anti-inflammatory] power couple of the skincare world.

Nars 43 Wide Contour Eyeshadow Brush* + Nars Eyeshadow in Madrague When early morning indecision kicks in at my dressing table, this trusty duo are my instant failsafe. The soft, angled brush deposits product like a dream; and, when paired with Madrague creates a subtle but contoured effect which widens and defines eyes in the most natural way possible. The brush head fits perfectly over the outer corner of the eye, allowing for a cat-eye effect with minimal and effortless blending. If you only own one eyeshadow brush, let it be this one.

MUJI Foam Body Towel + Lush Shower Jelly It took me a lot of slipping, sliding, and cursing around my shower to figure out how to truly utilise Lush's shower jellies, because trust me, they're not the 'slap it on quick' shower gel alternative you'd think they are. It takes some seriously rough material to break them down and incite some lathering action, which is, fortunately for me, where MUJI saves the day. I've extolled the virtues of their exfoliating towel before, and truly can do nothing but commend it for its ability to buff away all dead and dry skin, leaving my limbs silky soft and smooth. It's the perfect size and shape to reach every nook and cranny of my back, and justifies future purchase of Sweetie Pie [all kinds of cherry-scented goodness].

KIKO 205 Eyebrow Brush* + Dr PawPaw Original Balm No self-respecting brow enthusiast would be without their dedicated brow brush. My personal favourite is KIKO's angled offering, which makes brow grooming a speedy and effortless procedure. Aside from using it to brush my brows into shape before makeup application, the fibres are firm enough to succeed in fluidly depositing Dr PawPaw's Original Balm throughout the hairs. The balm itself has a considerably solid consistency, so I always allow it to warm up a little between my fingertips, before massaging it into my brows and then going in with the brush to ensure even deposition.

What are your favourite beauty product + tool combinations?


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