The sun has been shining all week long [hip-hip-hooray] and I've been more than excited at the prospect of yet another spring weekend!

So, what's new??

Last week may have marked the start of the Easter holidays, but it was by no means a quiet one for me. Unfortunately for us post-grads, the term "holiday" means very little other than that the library is eerily/blissfully quiet for a few weeks! I have essay deadlines looming and a presentation in the works so much of the week has been spent swotting up for those. The week has not been without its elements of fun however, and on Wednesday evening I headed to Harvey Nichols for their A Beautiful Mind event; a celebration of brains and beauty, with plenty of champagne and lipstick to hand. I spent most of my time sampling the delights of Penhaligons perfume [the historian in me is crying out for their Victoriana-inspired packaging, and I'm quite smitten with Vaara], but I left with a [somewhat cheaper] O.P.I shade for the stash. The evening ended with pizza and cocktails - what better way to mark hump-day?? Thursday saw the launch of SUQQU's new base products, and post-Gankin massage I was introduced to the amazing Lighting Liquid [a glow-getters dream come true].

Yesterday's plans revolved around a long due trip to the ballet to see Swan Lake [we booked the tickets back in October so the excitement was real]. I grew up with frequent trips to the ballet and danced myself until I finished high school, so the experience brought back a lot of memories! Swan Lake is by far my favourite ballet, and between the music, costumes, and choreography I was just as mesmerised as I was as a child.

You may have noticed that I've upped my content to four beauty posts a week. Eek, how exciting! Given the amount of work I have piling up for my MA it probably wasn't the best of timings, but I had more to share than three posts could allow for. For the next few weeks however, do excuse if that extra post is a little on the short side.

I've got a working day planned with Jen and Rebecca this week followed by a gal's day out with one of my BFF's, and then a weekend in the countryside! Oh, and THAT GRACE GIRL's getting a makeover [watch this space].

 What have you all been up to this weekend?


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