Brows, brows, brows.

I recently shared A Beginner's Guide to Brows over on A Little Opulent which got me thinking that I really ought to shed some light upon my brow product lineup, as truth be told, it takes up a significant part of my daily beauty routine.

In today's post I'm sharing a roundup of the products I use to prep and care for my brows, and next week I'll be shedding some light on those which constitute my brow makeup kit.

BEST FOR THE LAZY GIRLRefectocil Eyebrow Tint Dye Kit Braving the at-home brow tint was one of the best things I ever did for my brows, and if you're a fan of a strong brow then I would seriously urge you to do so to. If you find that your natural brow colour never quite matches up to the products you use, then tinting is also a one-stop route to getting your brows 'on the spectrum' per se. You can pick up a kit on Amazon for half the price of a salon job, and it's really not at all as complicated as you'd expect. All in all the process takes about 15 minutes and the effect lasts a good month before you need to even consider getting your kit out again, meaning the initial cost covers well over a year of brow tinting sessions. I use the RefectoCil dye in the shade Natural Brown, but essentially the longer you leave it on, the darker the tint. The kit comes with instructions which are fairly easy to follow, but if you're a more visual/kinetic person then check out Bridie's fantastic Eyebrow 101 in which she demonstrates a DIY tint [and also gives plenty more tips and product recommendations].

BEST FOR DIRECTING HAIR GROWTHDr PawPaw Original Balm Believe it or not you can train your brows to grow in a certain direction. It takes time, patience, and a product with a decidedly balm-like consistency to achieve results, but rest assured a few months of dedicated daily massage will pay off. With a texture a little more solid than Vaseline, this all-natural all-purpose balm not only keeps brows locked into their chosen place all night long, but also conditions and nourishes the hairs [especially ideal if you tint your brows].

BEST FOR ENCOURAGING HAIR GROWTHCastor Oil Along with almond oil, castor oil is widely attributed with benefiting brows in a multitude of ways; from encouraging hair growth and thickness to providing nourishment. Essentially castor oil is rich in ricinoleic acid, a powerful anti-bacterial which prevents the growth of bacteria [which inhibit hair growth], and coats and strengthens the hairs [preventing hair loss]. I've been using it on a regular basis for about six months now [massaging it in whenever I have a no makeup day] and I do think that my brows have a slightly fuller appearance. Like the above it's an ideal way to nourish tinted hair, and can be used to shape the brows [but with a liquid/gel-like texture it doesn't have quite the same hold/last as the balm].

BEST FOR PREPPING BROWSKIKO Brow Brush* I've spoken about this brush so much recently [and there really is so little to say about it [in a good way]] that I really do run risk of repeating myself word for word. The bristles are a perfect consistency and the angled end is ideal for shaping the angles of the brows. I use this both for distributing the above products through my brows, and for clearing them of foundation before applying makeup.

BEST FOR SETTING BROWSMiss Sporty Clear Mascara As I favour a brushed-up brow style, I like to shape my brows before I apply any product to them. This clear mascara surpasses any clear brow gel I have ever used. Its formula has just enough strength to give my brows the lift they require, and sets them in place without causing the hairs to become so stiff that they can't cooperate with any products consequently applied. Unlike most clear mascaras this one doesn't leave brows with a sheen, nor does it incite that unpleasant "crispy" texture.

What are your favourite brow-care products?


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